Amazonino has collection processes for embezzling public money still pending in TJ-AM

The processes add, at least, losses of R $ 127 million to public coffers.
17/06/2017 13h38 - Updated 18/06/2017 15h04
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Scandals electronic radar, diversion of money that should be used to pave the town and expenditure of resources to irregular advertising are some of the processes involving the former governor and former mayor Amazonino Mendes pending in the Amazon Court (TJAM). In some cases, the wait for a definition already reaches seven years. The processes add, at least, losses of R $ 127 million to public coffers.

In December 2010, then councilman and current state representative José Ricardo (PT) and former Councilman Francisco Praciano (PT) They entered with a class action against the former mayor of Manaus Amazonino Mendes, Emparsanco the company and five involved, R $ charging deviation 87,4 millions, between 2009 e 2010.

The suspected fraud began in May 2010, in paving services of Manaus streets. In season, Mayor Amazonino Mendes said the Emparsanco was hired, in August 2009, but as the work had not yet begun, It would not have been made any payment to the company. However, the mayor was denied by the then Municipal Secretary for Works Américo Gorayeb by stating that the company had received and service.

After suspicions, the Court of State Auditors (TCE) was triggered and the General Secretariat of External Control (Secex) issued a technical audit report revealing that the Manaus City Hall, in Amazonino management, paid, irregulary, R$ 87.403.567,45 Emparsanco by the services that the company did not pay in full.

The Secex reported finding duplicate payment, alteration of the original budget spreadsheet, basic design 'fully' inconsistent, lack of executive project and environmental licensing, as well as lack of local photographic record, before and after the works.

The process involving Amazonino and Emparsanco is moving in the 1st Court of Exchequer Municipal. The last movement in TJAM site is 28 November 2016, when it was annexed document 'Views in correction' of the Amazon Justice Internal Affairs Division, the judge boost autos.

fines Industry
In another process, which reaches into the millions, the former mayor Amazonino Mendes is accused by prosecutors of Amazonas (MP-AM), along with more 12 people, irregularities in the contracting company Consladel, responsible for the installation and operation of vehicle speed control radars in Manaus streets.

According to the MP-AM's complaint, the contract brought a loss of R $ 40 million to public coffers, in the case that became known as the 'industry of fines'. Appeal the decision. The loss, according to MP-AM's complaint, It took place in the hiring of Consladel to perform security services, maintenance, conservation and support to management and traffic engineering deployment to the road system of Manaus, originally scheduled in R $ 92 millions.

in the complaint, MP-AM says there was, even at the initial stage of the bidding process, the performance of "political core" to benefit the company, and that, after delivery of the object of bidding, payments were made in favor of Consladel, without there due consideration to the full realization of set services.

In April 2010, City Hall has renewed the contract with Conslandel for the installation of new electronic monitoring system speed and advance traffic signs, In Manaus. According to the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans), the contract with Conslandel ended.

"The role of the former mayor Amazonino Mendes was to allow this to happen, since only he, at the initiative of the law, could make the transfer of assets (rights and duties) between entities. It is the mayor who exercise the senior management of the Municipal Power ", said an MP-AM.

In another part of the application process, MP-PM says, without the participation of Amazonino Mendes, "It would not have been possible illicit against public finances, when you order the authority Manaustrans bear unforeseen expenditure, or authorized by specific legislation as to her budget ". "Their participation was crucial for the violation of the budget-financial system of municipal government", said an MP-AM. The criminal representation against the former mayor being processed under number 0220741-04.2014. 8.04.0001, the 5th Criminal Court of TJAM, and is on appeal, with Judge Jorge Manuel Lopes Lins.

Kidnapping of goods
In March 2015, Judge Andrea Jane, da 5º Be Criminal, determined the kidnapping of Amazonino Mendes goods and ten others, no amount of R $ 40 millions. According to the judge's decision, blocking of goods was made in current accounts and financial investments balances, in vehicles, companies and real estate in the name of the alleged. The defendants appeal the decision and the appeal is secret of Justice.

The report came in contact with the press office of the former mayor who appointed Major Military Police Otavio Queiroz de Oliveira Cabral Junior, ex- head of the Military Office of Manaus City Hall in the administration of Amazonino, but the telephone number provided by the staff was out of area.

In this year, MP-AM asked the judge to Cezar Bandeira "media availability forwarded with the initial to detailed and thorough preparation of the appeal", to enter an appeal against the decision of the magistrate, which rejected a public civil action by an act of administrative misconduct against former mayor, who was accused of distributing 400 mil DVDs, paid with public funds of the municipality, with promotional material.

The DVD entitled 'You have the right to know' was made and distributed by the company Mene and Portella Advertising Ltda., the cost of R $ 2,073 million into the coffers of City Hall. To the promoter of Justice Neyde Regina Trinity, action author, the material was used for personal promotion of the mayor and early electioneering. "The fact is that the personal promotion derives from the scenario built in video distinguished two moments, before and after Amazonino Mendes management, or what, no doubt, reflected in the promotion person manager, removing any informational or institutional character of the DVD ", says promoter, in action when asked unavailability of Amazonino Mendes goods and partners Mene company and Portella Advertising, to "ensure full compensation of the damage" to the amount of R $ 2,073 millions. The action is moving in the 2nd Court of Specialized Municipal Public Finance under number 0227681-19.2013.8.040001.

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