Presenter Wilson Lima says Marcelo Ramos' surrendered’ and announces the PR disaffiliation

O jornalista declarou abertamente sua discordância com união do partido com Braga que segundo ele ‘usa da prepotência e ignorância’ além de ser investigado pela Lava Jato.
22/06/2017 15h29 - Updated 23/06/2017 12h11
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The host of the program Hello Amazon, Wilson Lima, who actively participated in last year's elections in the former deputy campaign, Marcelo Ramos, announced on Thursday (22), the output of the Party of the Republic (PR), through social networks and reaffirmed the decision during the program Alo Amazon, TV Criticism (Canal 4) of today.

Segundo Wilson, the decision was because the party took a turn that is not in accordance with your thoughts. "My friends, I want to share one with you my decision. I desfiliando me PR, college where I was well received, but it takes a turn that is not according to my ideals and thoughts ", He said in a posting on social networks.

During the program Hello Amazon, journalist openly declared his disagreement with the party's union with Senator Eduardo Braga which he 'uses of arrogance and ignorance', besides being investigated for involvement in Operation Lava Jet.

"The party went on his way. It allied to the group that has a candidate who is the political embarrassment of the State. It features of coarseness and oppression, besides being investigated by police. I have heard that this is normal in politics, but this is not natural. My parents suffered greatly for their children to be worthy ", He stressed.

Wilson also revealed his disappointment with Marcelo Ramos that for him 'surrendered'. "The more we expected Marcelo surrendered. It is my personal friend, I wish you good luck, but I can not accept. I entered politics believing in processing and in a better state. has no way to stand idly by ", Wilson completed.

On the supplementary elections to the State, the journalist stressed that it will not support any of the candidates. He says it will continue working in the Communications Network Calderaro vehicles (RCC).

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