denounces Swiss bank accounts used by JBS for Lula and Dilma

Bank European country closed account before tipoff of Joesley, who said he passed on funds for Lula and Dilma campaigns; PGR awaits information.
02/06/2017 10h52 - Updated 2/06/2017 15h36
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Even before surfacing the content of denunciations of Joesley Batista in Operation Lava Jet, a Swiss bank used to move illicit funds to supply the former president campaigns Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and President Dilma Rousseff revoked, as business owner's account, He denounced their accounts to the European country authorities. The volume of money transfers and standards without justification raised the suspicion of financial crimes, although the institution is unaware beneficiaries of drives.

The Attorney General's Office hopes that the information collected by the authorities are now transferred to Brazil. In evaluating nearby Swiss authorities to the case, federal prosecutors have "strong chance" to ascertain more details of the transfers. The bank Julius Baer closed the accounts in Switzerland and the money was transferred to New York, where they now live Joesley and his family.

In his award-winning tipoff, the businessman said that the PGR has reserved two accounts to meet the demands of the PT. According to him, the money was used to pay bribes to politicians in the PT and also the allies. Joesley told that the accounts reached balance of US $ 150 million in 2014. The businessman also said that money was operated at the behest of former Finance Minister Guido Mantega, with Lula and Dilma knowledge. PT members deny the charges.

Even without the name of those involved in the extracts, as traders and money changers have made transactions, Swiss financial industry sources say they believe that the dates of the transfers can indicate whether the money was buzzing with greater intensity in the months before elections in Brazil.

The accounts were fed, according to people close to the case, with licit means of JBS business and also by irregular money, in a scheme described as "mixed". However, while the accounts were maintained in the European country, movement of volumes in Brazil was not known neither the authorities nor the bank. Dynamic is considered surprising because suspected financial crimes companies separate accounts "legitimate" of the "hidden".

closing. Switzerland's financial system sources revealed to the state that the accounts were closed after Julius Baer informs money managers who would not keep them in the institution. Much of the money was then transferred to the United States.

bill 06384985 no Julius Baer, the money went to the JP Morgan Chase Bank, in New York. To hide the account owners, resources were in the name of shell company Lunsville International Inc. A second company, a Valdarco, It was also used.

Despite the closure of accounts, Julius Baer reported suspicions to combat authorities to the Swiss money laundering. Joesley was not informed of the bank's decision because of local legislation.

Wanted by the report, the Federal Public Ministry in Bern refused to comment on the case, indicating that not reveal whether or not Joesley is under investigation due to local legislation.

The bills – Joesley said the first of the accounts was used during the years of the Lula government and, the end of the mandate, in 2010, I would have been with a balance of US $ 70 millions. When he began managing Dilma, he said he had been instructed by Mantega to open a new account. The accounts are no longer supplied, second Joesley, in November 2014, when he claimed to have communicated to President revoked at a meeting at the Presidential Palace. The final balance was R $ 30 millions.

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