Cash anticipates serve to FGTS born in September, October and November

The date was rescheduled for next Saturday, day 10 of June, when agencies box will open from 9 am to 15h.
06/06/2017 11h40 - Updated 6/06/2017 11h40
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The CEF again anticipated timing of inactive accounts looting of the Guarantee Fund for Employees (FGTS). For those born in September beneficiaries, October and November, the date for early withdrawals, expected in 16 of June, It has been rescheduled for Saturday, day 10 of June. This was announced by the president of Caixa, Gilberto Eyes, in conference at the bank's headquarters in Brasilia.

With the new phase of payments, the expectation is already surpass R $ 30 billion released from inactive accounts, He informed the President. Segundo Eyes, the initial projection of payments between R $ 30 billion and R $ 35 billion will be easily overcome at the end of the program. “The prospect of payments approaching $ R 40 billion”, said.

To operationalize withdrawals, 2.015 Box agencies will open from 9 am to 15h on Saturday, and others 69 agencies will have the self-service room available to beneficiaries. In the days 12, 13 e 14 of June, agencies will open two hours earlier than usual to meet beneficiaries. anticipation, segundo Eyes, is due to the proximity of schedule initially to the holiday of Corpus Christi.

Between 10 March and 02 of June, Box registered the payment of R $ 27,6 billion were FGTS inactive accounts, 95,2% of the total originally planned in the period (R$ 29,1 billion). They benefited 16,3 million workers, 81% do total, Case according to. The looting of inactive accounts FGTS for beneficiaries born in December is expected to 14 July. Until then, workers born in other months can also request payment.

revised impact – The president of Caixa also said the government, through the Ministry of Planning, may revise the estimated impact of the withdrawal of dormant accounts of the Guarantee Fund for Employees (FGTS) in economic activity. Second or president, it is expected that payments approach the R $ 40 billion, more than the initial forecast, between R $ 30 billion and R $ 35 billion. With previous projections, it was estimated that an impact equivalent to 0,5% Gross Domestic Product (START).

Second or bank, some bills that were considered active now have inactive status after the beneficiaries confirmed the termination of contracts. Before, the system does not detected the situation often because the companies had not communicated the termination of the employee, so the impact on data. This contributed to the increase in the estimate of the total amount of withdrawals.

“It is likely that the Planning, next calendar (of serves) or final, can review estimated impact on GDP. This estimate can be made in August”, said Eyes. “We never rule out the possibility of total withdrawal of inactive accounts (R$ 43 billion)”, said the vice president of Government Funds and Lotteries Box, Deusdina Pereira.

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