Aleam the Healthcare Commission receives accountability of Susam

Initially forecast at R $ 1,865 billion, the budget of the state for health 2017 It is lower than in the last year, R $ 2,196 billion.
06/06/2017 14h59 - Updated 6/06/2017 16h56
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Members of the State Health Department (Sesame) They were early on Tuesday, 6 of June, the Health Commission of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard) to deliver the detailed report of the previous four (RDQA) covering the period between January and April this year. The public hearing, which is held by the collegiate every four months since 2013, met the requirement of the Federal Supplementary Law 141/2012.

The hearing was conducted by the chairman of the committee, Deputy Ricardo Nicolau (PSD). The secretary of Susam, Vander Alves, He explained that by being in charge of the folder there is less than a month, the report only brought the information on the use of financial resources, provided audits and services obtained by the previous management. "Despite the short time, we already have results to show in the next report ", He stressed, referring to the first results of the Fila Zero program.

Initially forecast at R $ 1,865 billion, the budget of the state for health 2017 It is lower than in the last year, R $ 2,196 billion. As RDQA 1st quarter, the budget has had 8,7% increase, reaching R $ 2.026 billion by April this year. Of this amount, the Susam has committed R $ 982,7 millions, while others R $ 696 million were settled.

"We started this year with a budget 15% lower compared to the 2016. currently, but of 48% our budget is already committed, So, we are working to get more resources with the federal government and readjust the cost of health for the rest of the year ", said Secretary, during the presentation of figures made by the folder planning chief, radio Lopes

Fila Zero
The holder of Susam said the priority at the moment is zero queries queues, tests and surgeries. In two weeks, but of 23,2 thousand people were left waiting for medical procedures. Alves highlighted the work in conjunction with the Health Commission in Fila Zero program. "The support is very good for the results to be positive. No one can work alone ", said Secretary.

The president of the Healthcare Commission, the information presented help the legislature to scrutinize the executive and contribute to the area's stock. "From the data presented today, we can see the challenges that must be faced. Now, the moment is to join forces to ensure the population's access to quality health ", said the deputy Ricardo Nicolau.

Row zero of the survey shows that the queue until then formed by 137.482 people fell 114.203, pulling out 23.279 patients waiting for appointments and tests. The queue for zeroed 76 procedures (knee orthopedics for consultations, CT and ECG, for example) and others 13 They were reduced by 50%. The target set by Governor David Almeida is zero all health queues within 90 days.

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