Sentenced to 8 years in prison for false document usage, Silas says he supports Amazonino to 'save the crisis AM’

The penalty was not met by have passed if more than eight years between the occurrence of the facts and the receipt of the complaint and why, it was extinguished.
26/06/2017 11h56 - Updated 26/06/2017 17h27
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Congressman Silas House (PRB), who had announced a candidate, but then he turned back to follow the decision of its political group and now supports the candidacy of former governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT), said its support for the chief aims of “save the Amazon crisis”.

Silas was one of the deputies who voted for the Labor Reform in April, endangering the right of all workers in the country. In his justification for voting in favor, the parliamentarian said the bill does not retired worker rights, but that was contrary, generated jobs. House also praised the measure that ended with the union saying the tax annual contribution "held trickery".

Attitudes against the people do not stop there, in October last year, Silas was convicted by the Supreme Court (STF) to eight years in prison for the false document usage crimes and forgery.

According to the complaint, in 1997, Representative commissioned a dispatcher changing your civil registration, including the mother's surname. With the new identity document, he obtained new identity and new record in the Individual Register of Federal Revenue (CPF), which was configured as forgery.

According to the same complaint, with new documents, parliamentary changed the social contract of the company which was a partner, which set as false document usage, and aimed to get rid of inconveniences related to its real name. Only when the allegations became public Silas informed the authorities about the duplicity and provided the cancellation.

Hall was not arrested because most ministers recognized the prescription punitive claim based on concrete feathers, for having spent more than eight years between the occurrence of criminal acts (1997 e 1998) and receipt of the complaint (2009) and judged extinguished criminal liability under Article 109, inciso V, do CP.

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