State Water Resources Council authorizes use of artesian wells in Manaus

The CERH repealed Article 19 the resolution No. 01/2016, that assigned to the racing Manaus Environmental utility to prohibit the use of tubular well as an alternative source of groundwater.
03/06/2017 09h16 - Updated 4/06/2017 14h48
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After contesting the state deputy Dermilson Chagas (PEN), the State Water Resources Council (Cerha), at an extraordinary meeting held in 30 of May, repealed Article 19 the resolution No. 01/2016, that assigned to the racing Manaus Environmental utility to prohibit the use of tubular well as an alternative source of groundwater, against all federal law regulating the use of water resources in Brazil.

The State Water Resources Council, at a meeting July 2016, approved the resolution No. 01/2016, in which the article 19 prohibiting the use of tubular well as an alternative source of groundwater, contrary to Federal Decree No. 7.217/2010 which regulates the federal law No. 11.445/2007, which deals with the Sanitation National Policy Basics.

According to the deputy Dermilson Chagas, one can not ignore that a state board resolution does not override a federal standard. "It is unacceptable that a simple resolution to prohibit something that federal rule does not prohibit", said Rep.

for Dermilson, the article 19, which also clashed with Article 26 of the Federal Constitution, beyond Decree, It would be conditioned on the granting Onerous Grant for groundwater use – a skill that is unique to the state – the prior approval of the Environmental Manaus, a private company, concessionaire of a public service, which has no legitimacy nor the assignment for such action given to him by mistake, therefore, totally illegal. "The concessionaire took advantage of the mistake made by CERH, with Article 19, and began to issue notices to the Industrial Pole of Manaus companies, as well as condominiums and all properties that have structure artesian wells, prohibiting and threatening to close them or take possession of another's hydraulic systems, and has even install water meters to sell water that is not hers, but the State, using systems that did not belong to the company, but who built the ", he said.

To identify the seriousness of the matter, parliamentary forwarded it to the President of the Council and also Secretary of State for the Environment (Schema), Ademir Costs, who then immediately called a meeting of the Technical Board to review the matter. Dermilson initiative of Chagas, along with representatives of the Federation of Industries of the State of Amazonas (Fieam), Mineral Resources Research Company (CPRM), Regional Chemistry Council and other members of CERH, a new proposed wording was given to replace Article 19, revoked, The text was approved in 30 May at an extraordinary meeting, with 13 votes in favor and five opposed.

"It's a victory for the people of the city of Manaus and the entire metropolitan area, it would be severely hampered with the superseded standard. Now it is assured again the opening of new wells, who are admitted as an alternative source of water provided in federal and state laws. Otherwise, it can be said that the onerous grant concessions issued by the Amazonas state do not depend on approval of the Environmental Manaus. It is an important achievement which should be very celebrated by all of us, except by those who profited from the illegal ", He stressed Dermilson.

The deputy considers that it is the duty and obligation of the Legislative Assembly of the state and people require a wide debate on tariff practiced against the people. "I anticipate another misplaced pretension of Manaus Environmental dealership, it plans to buffer over 100 well she received from Manaus Prefecture, only to administer. If the wells do not belong to Manaus Environmental, how they intend to close the existing funding systems? Unused wells need not be fully buffered. May become inactive, however, in emergencies, as it happened, They can be easily reactivated by removing surface seals. From what we know the only goal of locks relates to the intent of Manaus Environmental of not paying the onerous grant for the state, she also, as users, be required to comply ", He stressed.

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