Cunha tells PF that his silence was never for sale and Fear not searched

The former president of the Chamber testified for an hour and a half yesterday (14), the PF headquarters in Curitiba.
15/06/2017 10h42 - Updated 15/06/2017 15h17
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Former Speaker of the House impeached Deputy Eduardo Cunha said yesterday (14), in testimony to the Federal Police (PF), that his silence "was never for sale", referring to the complaint made by Joesley Batista in tipoff according awarded signed with the task force Operation Lava Jet. The PMDB testified on Wednesday, in Curitiba, the inquiry into the President of the Republic Michel Temer.

PF headquarters in output in the capital of Paraná, Cunha lawyer, Rodrigo Rios, He told the press that the former congressman also said he was never sought by President Michel Temer or his interlocutors to prevent him to do whistleblower award.

Cunha's testimony was scheduled for 11 am and lasted about 1:30 am. Imprisoned since October last year the Medical Penal Complex in Pinhais, the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, Cunha was sentenced to 15 years in prison in one of the actions in which the defendant is Lava Jet.


in May, Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Edson Fachin approved the plea bargaining brothers Joesley Batista and Wesley Batista, owners group JBS. To the agreement, Joesley delivered to the Attorney General's Office recording of a meeting with President Michel Temer. I do not dialogue, Fear would have suggested that the entrepreneur keep paying allowance to former mayor Eduardo Cunha and money changer Lúcio Funaro so that they be silent.

Fear denies the charges and asked the PGR that the audio is presented by businessman periciado. With the Supreme authorization, the Federal Police is making expertise in recordings made by businessman Joesley Batista.

Source: Agency Brazil

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