David Almeida accompanies Rebecca Garcia on his first walk

The walk took place in the Morro da Liberdade where the acting governor was born and today is your constituency. Almeida decided to support Rebecca after Omar Aziz not support his candidacy to the government.
27/06/2017 11h08 - Updated 27/06/2017 16h10
Photo: disclosure

In the late afternoon and early yesterday evening (26), the candidate to the government Rebecca Garcia (PP) accompanied by his deputy Abdala Fraxe (PTN), They made their first campaign activity and had the support of the interim governor David Almeida, which actually was the one who took his candidate in the constituency I, in Morro da Liberdade, Area south of the capital, where he was born and has the majority of its voters.

In this ocasion, David took Rebecca to several locations in the neighborhood, posed for pictures, embraced demonstrating that voters actually imposed against his political leader, Senator Omar Aziz (PSD), that did not support his candidacy for the by-election by making alliance with the PDT Amazonino.

Source: AM POST Writing

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