David Almeida refuses to support Amazonino Mendes

The leader of his party, Senator Omar Aziz has not set which candidate will receive the support of the PSD.
14/06/2017 11h20 - Updated 14/06/2017 16h56
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If you choose to receive PSD Amazon support for the state-elections for the former governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT), the acting governor David Almeida (PSD) He has warned that it will not support.

Speaking to a local newspaper printed, David said Omar Aziz has full autonomy to define the support of the legend, but made clear his decision not to be required to support the candidate that indicate Aziz. Almeida also added more saying that if the applicant is not Amazonino support for consistency.

The governor says he does not agree with the Amazonino practices and will join any other candidate campaign.

Omar Aziz and David Almeida should return to talk today about the elections.

Source: AM POST Writing

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