Fearing defense accuses Janot to act against TSE ally after prison

The concern is that Rodrigo Rocha Loures can negotiate a denunciation of agreement involving the president.
05/06/2017 11h10 - Updated 5/06/2017 16h47
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With approval of Michel Temer, his defense struck public attacks against federal prosecutors on Sunday (4) to shield the president of the political impact of the arrest of former congressman Rodrigo Rocha Loures (PMDB-PR) can bear fruit on the TSE (Superior Electoral Court).

Gestated a few days behind the scenes and made public after the arrest of Loures, the speech is that the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, acts with political intentions and tries “constrain” the Electoral Court to condemn President Dilma in the trial of the plate-Temer, which will resume on Tuesday (6).

“We have indications that come Janot movements and initiatives TSE trial the eve trying to embarrass the court to convict the president”, said lawyer Gustavo Guedes, responsible for defense Temer in TSE. “The great concern the attorney general's office to avail of the entire structure has to try to embarrass a higher court”.

The strategy was enshrined hours after the arrest of Loures, at a meeting between Fearing and his aides in the Palace of Jaburu, Saturday night (3).

The concern is that the former deputy to negotiate a denunciation of agreement involving the president, which would accelerate further that government officials consider to be an escalation of the PGR and STF members (Supreme Court) against Plateau.

Chairperson of Temer, Janot and do minister or STF Edson Fachin, draftsman of the cutting jet wash, They have a kind of acted “tripe” to close the siege of Temer, target of an investigation for obstruction of justice, corruption and criminal organization of training based on the accusation of JBS, which also undertakes Loures.


According to Gustavo Guedes, there are at least two factors that indicate the bias Janot. The delay in the submission of questions by the Federal Police for Temer to testify in writing in due inquiry denunciation of JBS and the information, yet according to the lawyer, They reached the plateau that there are other recordings on the Attorney against President.

“These recordings were to be released between now [Sunday] it's tomorrow [Monday] in an attempt to embarrass the TSE”, said Guedes. “This is an apparent tactical storage recordings, that is, when not using the material to be aware of it, but only when there is interest in using it”, He completed the lawyer.

Janot declined to comment on the statements.

One of the main auxiliary Temer, Moreira Franco (General Secretariat of the Presidency) not embodied criticism, but he said it takes “not make the mistake to politicize what is legal and what is political judicialize”.

By the end of this week, the government believed that there was a favorable scenario for the plate of acquittal on the floor of TSE, by 4 votes to 3. However, after the arrest of Loures, the assessment is that the political impact may cause the results to be different.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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