Ten deaths number of accused in July 2015 go to jury

They were arrested in Operation Alcateia due to several killings that caused terror in the population of Manaus.
21/06/2017 11h28 - Updated 21/06/2017 16h03
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The Judge of the 3rd Court of the jury of the Manaus County upheld the request of the State Prosecutor (MPE-AM) and uttered indictment against ten defendants accused of involvement in a series of murders recorded in July 2015, in the capital of Amazonas, where there would be military police acting. With pronunciation, released on Tuesday (20), they will be judged by the jury. For a while, there is still no date for the trial.

According to the MP's complaint, the defendants are accused of crimes of murder (and tempted fait), death squad practice, among others. In the indictment, the Court found that there is sufficient evidence of authorship and participation, extracted from the set of tests, of hearings and other elements contained in the records, so the defendants will be tried by jury. The accused are Junio ​​Dorval Carneiro de Mattos, Bruno Cezanne Pereira, Klebert Cruz de Oliveira, Silvio José Silva de Oliveira, Adson Souza de Oliveira, Italo Ferreira Macedo Gutemberg, Janilson Monteiro Fleet, Rogério de Freitas Pinheiro, Germano in the Junior Light, Rosemberg Martins Bezerra.

The case is one of the most complex that has passed by the Judge of the 3rd jury and the Court, due to the large number of defendants - were 21 accused, however, ten were initially pronounced -, there was a breakdown of the case to facilitate the hearings and completion of prosecution. These ten were pronounced in five cases, with 13 victims, originated after the outbreak of Operation Alcateia, held last year, to investigate several deaths in days 17, 18 e 19 July 2015, In Manaus.

In these three days, several murders and attempted murders were recorded in the capital and generated fear in the population, as the complaint of the public prosecutor, gaining prominence in the national media. There was the outbreak of measures in order to investigate the possible existence of a criminal group aimed at the extermination practice, among other crimes, and would be composed of military police,"With the participation of other individuals co-opted to assist in actions". The 89th Prosecutor's Office, in the complaint, He reported that in the three days of July were recorded 34 homicide, "Indexes completely out of the observed and measured average standards in the statistics of the State Public Security Bureau". The events were observed hours after the robbery crime of the Amazon Military Police Sergeant, Afonso Camacho Days, run around 15h of the day 17/07/15, after responding to a robbery in the parking lot of a bank branch, located in the south of Manaus.


In Case No. 0500042-45.2016.8.04.0001, Dorval Carneiro Junior Mattos, Bruno Pereira and Cezzane Klebert Cruz de Oliveira, Fabricio accused of the death of Anderson Oliveira Cavalcante and Sales Soares, in addition to the attempted murder of Carla Didia de Sousa Santos, They will answer for the crimes of murder and felony murder trial; and integrate death squad. In some cases, they are accused of tampering with the identification of motor vehicles. In the same case were impronunciados the accused Silvio José Silva de Oliveira and George MacDonald Rodrigues de Oliveira, "For not bringing the case sufficient indications of authorship or participation in events related to the victims Anderson Soares and Fabrício Cavalcante, as well as to art crimes. 288-A (integrate death squad) and art. 311 (tampering with a motor vehicle identifier signal)”.

In Case No. 0500040-75.2016.8.04.0001, They were pronounced Dorval Junio ​​Carneiro de Mattos, Bruno Cezanne Pereira, Silvio José Silva de Oliveira and Adson Souza de Oliveira for the attempted murder of Valberson de Jesus Ferreira, Valdson Jesus Ferreira de Freitas and Edney Avinte.

In Case No. 0500044-15.2016.8.04.0001 They were pronounced the accused Italo Ferreira Macedo Gutemberg, Janilson Monteiro Fleet, Rogério de Freitas Pinheiro and Bruno Pereira Cezanne. In this process they are accused of aggravated murder against Roberto César Amaral dos Santos, Emerson Lopes de Jesus and Paul de Almeida Ramos. In this process, Rosemberg Martins Bezerra was impronunciado "face the lack of evidence to get me the presence of evidence of authorship or participation even in established events in these proceedings", as Judgment sentence of the 3rd jury Stick.

In Case No. 0500033-83.2016.8.04.0001 the Janilson Monteiro defendants were pronounced Fleet, Rosemberg Martins Bezerra, Germano in the Junior Light and Cezanne Bruno Pereira. They are accused of trying to kill Nelio Fonseca Junior Branches, Graziano Vitorino dos Santos and Leonardo Lopes dos Santos, and they were framed in art. 121, 2º, I (awkward reason), IV (feature that prevented the defense of the victim), combined with Art. 14, II (three times), All of the Brazilian Penal Code,Besides the offenses described in article. 288-A “caput” e art. 311 "Caput", also the CPB.

In Case No. 0500104-85.2016.8.04.0001 Monteiro were pronounced Janilson Fleet, Bruno Pereira Cezanne and Germano da Luz Junior. In this process they are accused of the death of John Fausto da Costa Neto.

After pronunciation, Judgment opened views to the Amazonas State prosecutors (MPE). The defense of the accused has time to appeal the indictment. After the sentence has been handed down, the process can be based on the jury session.

other processes

In five cases the ten accused were pronounced for crimes against 13 victims. Although the missing processes that calculate those responsible for killing and against attempts 19 people. Of the seven remaining cases, only one was filed and an accused (George MacDonald Rodrigues de Oliveira) excluded from actions, remaining six cases to decide whether or not the defendants are pronounced and led to jury.

Alcateia operation

after investigations, Civil Police Amazonas State triggered the operation Alcateia, which resulted in the arrest of MPs and civilians who would participate in the execution of crimes. homicides (and tempted fait) occurred in several neighborhoods of Manaus.

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