Former deputy Pedro Corrêa reaffirms deviations in Petrobras contracts

Former parliamentary mentioned deviations in at least two of Petrobras contracts: the Abreu e Lima Refinery, in Pernambuco, and the Paraná Refinery.
05/06/2017 17h10 - Updated 5/06/2017 17h11
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The former Congressman Pedro Corrêa (PP-PE) reconfirmed today (5), a testimony to the federal judge Sérgio Moro, the former director Paulo Roberto Costa Petrobras acted to divert resources contracts of state oil for your party.

Former parliamentary mentioned deviations in at least two of Petrobras contracts: the Abreu e Lima Refinery, in Pernambuco, and the Paraná Refinery. "These contracts had resources coming to the party", said the former deputy, He had revoked the mandate in 2006 for breach of parliamentary decorum.

Correa said the party delegation in the Chamber chose Congressman José Janene (PP-PR), late, and the money changer Alberto Yousseff as bribes from operators and responsible for meetings with executives of companies providing services to Petrobras to combine the resources to be diverted.

According to the former deputy, the strategy served "to prevent the businessman was approached by several parliamentarians and then stay giving excuse that hit with so, hit with Mary Doe. Only one party is that did this work, who was the deputy and Janene, when he fell ill was, So, Mr. Alberto Youssef ".

Correa testified, by videoconference from Recife, as a prosecution witness in one of the cases in which former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is guilty under Operation Lava Jet, accused of receiving illegal favors the contractor Odebrecht through the purchase of an apartment in Sao Bernardo do Campo (SP) and a ground for the construction of the headquarters of the Lula Institute, in Sao Paulo, no amount of R $ 12 millions.

The former congressman said it was close to Lula at the time and took photos of meetings of the Political Council of the time and said he met with the president of the Republic "at least twice a month, I do party president. "

Asked by Lula lawyer, Cristiano Zanin, about changes that would have made the statements provided to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), He is negotiating with which denunciation according winning, Correa confirmed that corrections made in the annexes relating to the former President of the Republic.

The Correa testimonials were provided in September 2016, but, until now, its collaboration agreement with the law was not approved (made legally valid).

In a statement issued after the deposition, Lula's defense denied that the former president had frequent meetings with Correa.

"Given the manifest weakness of his version of Lula with meetings, Correa showed pictures - with the presence of Lula - meeting of the Political Council, that participated as president of the PP. Asked by defense, he had not but admit that these meetings were public, with a certain agenda and accompanied by the press ", the text says.

"Former President even attended these meetings, making appearances only at the end to fulfill those present. As Correa opened the hearing showing these pictures, he took, not with the exemption of a witness, but as a person with an interest in the cause, seeking at all costs unlock your whistle blowing ", adds the note signed by Cristiano Zanin.

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