Employee steals almost 9 thousand smartphones from Samsung to pay gambling debt

He is physically impaired person and walk in wheelchairs. The mobility limitations were no impediment so that it should make an theft for two years.
08/06/2017 12h22 - Updated 8/06/2017 12h25
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A story somewhat unusual came to the public in South Korea this week, where an employee of Samsung was arrested after stealing $ 711 thousand in the company's products. According says the site The Investor, the intention of the subject was pay off a debt of about US $ 800 thousand contracted in gambling.

To make the story even more curious, the official in question is physically impaired person and uses a wheelchair. Even their mobility limitations were no bar to steal it exactly 8.747 Samsung smartphones the company's headquarters located in Suwon.

Hired by Samsung 2010, the man identified only as Lee was part of a sector responsible for providing maintenance on equipment used by developers to test system upgrades offered by the company. It was precisely these devices he swiped unnoticed for nearly two years, between December 2014 and November 2016.

However, Lee scheme came to light after several fittings for developers, that can not be sold to the public, They have been distributed in Vietnam. That was the warning sign for Samsung, warned that the Asian country authorities. Like this, after police investigations, the practice of official South Korean manufacturer was revealed and he is arrested.

Source: tecmundo.com.br

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