Janot renews request for provisional arrest of Aécio Neves

according Janot, the arrest of Senator away is the only way to safeguard public order and own criminal investigation.
10/06/2017 13h30 - Updated 11/06/2017 12h21
Photo: Fellipe Sampaio (STF / Disclosure)

The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, reiterated today (9) the request for provisional arrest Away Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG) and prison maintenance Andrea Neves, Mendherson Souza Lima and Frederico Pacheco. In response to resources, Janot sent to the Supreme Court (STF) document highlighting the abundance of concrete evidence, and best materials set off against the competition in prisoners with Aécio Neves, high gravity of the offense and the risk of reiteration, which makes essential remand to guarantee public order.

“There are many precedents of the Supreme Court that chancelam exceptional use of preventive detention to prevent investigated, accused or sentenced become practicing certain crimes while responding to investigation or prosecution, provided that there is concrete evidence of the corresponding risk”, said Janot.

To or procurator, the transcript of conversations between those involved shows that there is abundant evidence tending to show that Andrea Neves, Frederico de Medeiros and Mendherson Souza Lima work directly in the shady deals made by Aécio. “Andrea Neves and Frederico de Medeiros treated directly with Joesley Batista and Ricardo Saud, respectively, on the tuition fee request in the amount of R $ 2 millions, occurred in the year.”

according Janot, sister Aécio, Andrea Neves, not only is fully aware of the senator's involvement in illegal activity, as it has leading role in its negotiations. The prosecutor also pointed out that Andrea and Frederico Medeiros ratio can not be considered isolated event. "The spurious relationship that unites them is much older than the most recent episode of corruption, and the evidence gathered shows that there is a real risk that, if not detained, reiterate the serious criminal behaviors and can destroy any existing evidence in relation to illegal acts involving Aécio Neves and still not fully understood”.

continuous crime and obstruction of justice
According to Janot, there is risk of continued crime, with the "probability that the washing part of the R $ 2 million received from bribes paid recently by J&F, with direct participation of all required, still ongoing ".

Another aspect highlighted by Janot in environmental recordings and telephone intercepts authorized by the Minister of STF Edson Fachin, is fact Aécio be “adopting, consistently and repeatedly, investigations of obstruction strategies Operation Lava Jet, whether through legislative changes to grant amnesty to illegal or restrict calculations, either by undue interference in the work of the Federal Police, is by creating obstacles to winning collaboration arrangements relating to the case”.

according Janot, the arrest of Senator away is the only way to safeguard public order and own criminal investigation. “This because, beyond the concrete possibility to practice new crimes by the required, there is the serious risk that concrete criminal actions already initiated by Senator Aécio Neves, to embarrass the ongoing investigations in the Supreme Court – related to criminal organization Operation Lava Jet – reach your goal”, he said.

in a statement, the defense questioned the Aécio Neves “unusual and inexplicable hurry” Janot that offered the complaint. “The defense of Aécio Neves Senator wholly refutes the denunciation of the content offered with unusual and inexplicable rush by PGR, even before the senator have the opportunity to be heard to provide the requested clarifications”.

Besides that, the lawyer Alberto Zacharias Toron dismissed the evidence against Sen. away. He said that they are based on a recording made by a “so would-be whistle-blower that, besides being the expertise to prove the authenticity and integrity, portrays a private conversation, deceitfully manipulated”.

Toron also defended the innocence of Aécio in respect of alleged corruption. “Still, charges of corruption can not stand upright. Although there express reference in the recordings and the whistleblowers themselves have admitted that the request made to Mr.. Joesley Batista was referring to the purchase of a senator family apartment, PGR simply ignores this fact and argues that it was request for bribe”.

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