Journalist Míriam Leitão is attacked by PT on in flight

According to journalist, she was threatened, called names and call “terrorist” during the trip.
13/06/2017 16h59 - Updated 13/06/2017 16h59
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The journalist, Globonews columnist and the newspaper O Globo, Míriam Leitão, It was attacked delegates PT during a flight, from Brasilia to Rio de Janeiro, Avianca company. According to journalist, she was threatened, called names and call “terrorist” while traveling for about 20 people.

The episode took place on 3 of June, last day of the Party Congress in Brasilia. The journalist said on Tuesday, 13, which was harassed by “men and women representatives supporters”, “some already in his fifties”, all the way, two hours. Miriam came to be called “terrorist” and reminded, in your text, that a colonel, during the military dictatorship, He used the same term to refer to it.

The airline pilot, says Miriam, He did nothing to restore order on board, or the crew, what, she said, it remained “inert” before “shouting, slogans and singing”.

Miriam, I was in seat 15C, close to some of the people who harassed, account that a Commissioner, at the request of the master, He invited her to sit in front. She, however, He refused to change places. In another moment, the flight attendant said the Federal Police was sending the journalist trade places and, otherwise, the plane would not leave. The journalist, who said he had not seen anyone PF, again refused the request, remembering that has faced the dictatorship.

Miriam ends his column stating that “not think that's PT”, but repeating that “the protagonists of this hateful attack were professional party”. The journalist says that former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva cited, one more time, his name at rallies and party meetings. “How did this last weekend. It is a mistake. I must not be the target party, or its leader”, wrote.

No Twitter, the term “Míriam Leitão” already at the top of the most talked about issues on Tuesday.

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