Justice condemns seven INSS corruption in the Amazon

Among them are former mayors and former manager of the agency, They were reported by MPF-AM in Operation Mathusala.
07/06/2017 11h12 - Updated 7/06/2017 16h25
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The Federal Court sentenced seven people denounced by federal prosecutors in the Amazon (MPF / AM) the practice of embezzlement and bribery crimes. The case was revealed by the operation Mathusala, who dismounted scheme Deviations at the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). Among those convicted are former secretary of the municipality of Humaita finance, Hegio Melo Rabbit, former deputy mayor of the municipality of Anori, Getúlio Lobo, and former executive manager of the INSS in the Amazon, Alexandre Sampaio Caxias.

The seven defendants were reported to the Federal Court by MPF / AM in three criminal actions with other 16 involved. The process was divided into three groups: one with the top management of the INSS servers, another with intermediate servers and the last, or political group. The MPF / AM asked the conviction of the defendants by concussion, passive corruption and insertion of false data in information system, plus tax evasion and Laundering.

The former secretary of finance Humaita, Hegio Melo Rabbit, He was convicted of bribery with final sentence of eight years, four months in prison and will have to pay 220 daily fine (daily fine equivalent to one tenth of the minimum wage in force at the time of the facts). The court ruled the closed regime as the initial form of execution of the sentence.

Two other defendants, Getúlio Lobo, former deputy mayor of Anori, and INSS server, representative of Coari county in Manaus, Emídio Rodrigues Neto, They were condemned by peculato (money appropriation, value or any other movable property, public or private, that has possession on the grounds of public office, or divert it, in yourself or others) and passive corruption. The penalty applied to them individually was 19 years, five months and ten days in jail and payment 490 daily fine. The penalty shall be served first in closed regime.

One of the main parts of the criminal scheme of funds diversion of Social Security was the servant of the INSS in crowded Guidance Section Collecting, Olga Molinari. His performance was negotiating with the representatives of municipalities. Olga and Alexander were sentenced to Caxias 21 years, nine months and 10 days of seclusion and 536 daily fine, closed system. Two other servers INSS who acted as intermediaries were also ordered to 19 years, five months and ten days in jail and 490 daily fine.

Criminal actions 2518-59.2004.4.01.3200, 15519-28.2015.4.01.3200 e 15518-43.2015.4.01.3200 filed at the 4th Federal Court of Amazonas. Those convicted can appeal the verdict in freedom.

Refund of Social Security - The criminal scheme involved the INSS summit in the Amazon, aliciava that representatives of municipal governments to make restitution of the pension amounts withheld, the Social Security contribution, of funds arising from transfer of the Participation Fund of the Municipalities (FPM). In exchange, group required values ​​of the restituted, as commission / kickback. The value ranged from 15% e 20%.

According to the MPF / AM, the INSS executive manager in the Amazon at the time, Alexandre Caxias, took advantage of the strategic position occupied by him in the institution to lead the commission of the crimes committed under the Federal Social Security in State.

in Humaita (a 592 kilometers from Manaus), the scheme would have returned to the coffers of the Municipality the amount of R $ 1.840.854,08, that they were paid by the participation of the former secretary of municipal finance Hegio Coelho Melo.

in Coari (a 362 kilometers from the capital) It was also noted the practice of passive and active corruption, with the payment of bribes in the amount of R $ 1,395,719.00, involving the INSS server and Coari representative in Manaus, and former deputy mayor of Anori (a 194 kilometers from the capital), Getúlio Lobo, who initiated the dealings between the mayor of Coari the time, Adail Pinheiro, and the high dome of the INSS.

acquittals - Defendants Lilian Barreto Lima, Augusto Vicente Stanislau de Mendonça, Fladimir Paes Barreto de Oliveira, Maria Auxiliadora Filomena Rodrigues Barreiros and Jesus Sá de Melo were acquitted by the withdrawal of criminal liability or there is no evidence of the commission of crimes against them in actions that respond individually.

Source: MPF-AM

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