Justice requires suspension of political rights Paulinho Force deputy

The congressman had political rights suspended for Justice, by impropriety in the use of FAT resources.
12/06/2017 18h22 - Updated 12/06/2017 18h22
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Congressman Paulo Pereira da Silva, Paulinho da Força Sindical (SD-SP), had political rights suspended for Justice, by impropriety in the use of resources from the Fund for Workers (FAT).

According to the complaint of the Federal Prosecutor (MPF), when he was president of Força Sindical, Paulinho hired João Donini without bidding to give professional training to unemployed and low-income people using the FAT resources Foundation.

"In addition to the suspension of political rights for a minimum of five years, Paulinho da Força Sindical and other defendants, including responsible for founding, João Francisco Donini, They were sentenced to a fine, calculated based on the value contracted with bidding waiver, prohibition from contracting with the government or receive benefits or tax incentives or credit, direct or indirectly, for a period of five years”, says the Republic of Regional Attorney in the 3rd Region (TRF3).

According to the MPF, Justice pointed out the unsuitability of João Donini Foundation and recorded repeated inconsistencies in student registrations, with duplicate SSNs. According to the MPF, the evidence revealed the injury to the effective and efficient provision of public services with public money by institution “absolutely disqualified” both.

According to the MPF complaint, between 1999 e 2000, Força Sindical signed three agreements with the Ministry of Labor for qualification and retraining unemployed or at risk of unemployment and also to micro and small entrepreneurs and self-employed. In one of the partnerships, Força Sindical have hired the Domini Foundation for R $ 215 million to deliver these courses.

“The defendants were fully aware of the technical incapacity and the precariousness of facilities for the conduct of training courses by the foundation contractor and acted, no minimum, with gross negligence, because they have not acted with diligence in the hiring of the agreement in question ", said the collegiate TRF3.

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