Lava Jet asks daughters goods lock Palocci

The PT is accused by the Prosecutor's Office of "possible acts of money laundering through the purchase of real estate on behalf of their daughters".
19/06/2017 11h16 - Updated 19/06/2017 16h44
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The task force Operation Lava Jet asked the federal judge Sérgio Moro the real estate kidnapping daughter and stepdaughter of former minister Antonio Palocci (Finance in the government Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Civil House Dilma Rousseff management).

The PT is accused by the Prosecutor's Office in Paraná "possible acts of money laundering through the purchase of real estate on behalf of their daughters".

The demonstration is signed by the attorney Januário Paludo. According to him, or ex-minister, imprisoned since September last year in Curitiba, used illicit funds moved into their bank accounts to acquire two properties "high value for the benefit of Carolina Palocci and Marina Watanabe". The defense minister denied illegal activity in transactions.

Palocci is accused by federal prosecutors (MPF) in two prosecutions for corruption and money laundering. In one of the processes, he is suspected of irregularities in obtaining the Odebrecht charter contracts rigs for Petrobras.

In the other, He is accused of facilitating payment of bribes allegedly destined for the contractor to former President Lula. The former minister is trying to sign a whistleblower award agreement.

Paludo said at the rally that Palocci said donation of R $ 2,9 million to daughter. "Transfers are contemporary to the acquisition, by Carolina Palocci, in 20 June 2014, apartment for R $ 2,033,050.00 ", said Attorney Moro.

For the task force, "No evidence" that Palocci "promoted equity blind illicitly obtained donation record".

Second or document, or ex-minister, "In such operations", acquired a property for her stepdaughter, daughter of his wife. Paludo pointed to Moro, in 2015, Palocci made a donation of R $ 1,6 million for the stepdaughter. The values, However, said attorney, They did not reach the bank accounts of PT Stepdaughter.

In 11 February 2015, according to the manifestation, Palocci moved R $ 1,47 million to the owner of a property in São Paulo.

"On the same day, It was drawn deed of sale and purchase in 13 Notary of São Paulo apartment 32. R appears.06 of the property certificate sale for Marina Watanabe for the exact amount of R $ 1,47 million", said attorney.

"If there is evidence that the goods are the product and the profit of crimes committed by Antonio Palocci, as well as those necessary to ensure the effects of the criminal conviction of the defendant, the Federal Public Ministry requires the kidnapping of real estate ", he wrote Paludo.

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Lawyers Palocci, Alessandro Silverio and Bruno Augusto Goncalves Vianna, They said, by note, who have not had access to the prosecutor's demonstration with the request for kidnappings property.

The defense of the former minister has denied any wrongdoing in the financial transactions made in favor of the daughter and stepdaughter Palocci. "It is worth noting that donations of values ​​used for the acquisition of real estate have been duly reported to the IRS, indicating that said acquisitions had no intention to hide any advantage achieved by an alleged former crime ", said Silverio and Vianna.

According to lawyers, the arguments of the prosecutor "of an unjustified assumption brought to light recently, according to which it is assumed the illegality of any behavior ". The information is the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.


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