Manaus Plaza Shopping conducts camp bazaar with up discounts 70%

Shops participants are identified and offer discounts not only in products, but also in services. 'Bazaar Arraial' will last until March 30 Of this month.
20/06/2017 17h06 - Updated 21/06/2017 12h09
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Besides the Camp of Plaza, Manaus Plaza Shopping realize until the day 30 Of this month, the Village Bazaar with up discounts 70%. The mall stores are offering discounts not only in products, but also in services.

Among the participating stores are: Farmabem up with discounts 40% in medicine and perfumery, Executive room who are giving up 70% discount on their services, the optical Watch with discounts up 25% in sunglass, Hyper Sport with up 40% in clothing and footwear and North princess is giving up 20% discount on their services.

Others 20 stores participating in the campaign offering discounts on products like bags, shoes, clothing, lingeries, Beauty services, electronics, accessories, perfumery, glasses, video game and mobile games.

For the marketing manager of the shopping center, Luciana Carvalho, these actions are important to assist tenants to attract more buyers. "Our goal is 7% sales growth compared to the same period last year.

Participating stores are identified and customers can check the promotions also by Facebook. The Monday to Saturday opening hours are from 10h to 22h, and on Sunday the food court is open from 11h to 21h and 14h to 20h stores.

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