Marcos Rotta decides to accept the invitation and Arthur exchange party

The answer was given on the afternoon of Wednesday (21). Rotta should join the PSDB Thursday.
21/06/2017 18h13 - Updated 22/06/2017 12h11
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Despite denying vehemently would not leave the PMDB, where it consolidated its political history and was blessed by Eduardo Braga, the deputy mayor of Manaus, Mark Rotta, He decided to accept the invitation of the mayor, Arthur Neto, to be part of the toucan nest, the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB).

The answer was given on the afternoon of Wednesday (21), It was kept secret, but it became public after the legend began to mobilize and distribute invitations to Rotta membership of event to be held late on Thursday (22), Parties in Dulcilas, on the road from Ponta Negra, Area west of the capital.

Rotta that has been critical of the PSDB's management first decided to ally with Arthur and now surrendered to the party. His career in the PMDB is more than ten years and was taken to acronym after the then governor Eduardo Braga changed the PPS PMDB.

The reasons for the departure of the deputy mayor of the party were not revealed but, it is speculated that he had been pressured by Braga to deliver the post of Municipal Secretary for Infrastructure, whether to license the post of vice and would enter the campaign of Senator Eduardo Braga for governor, this by-election.

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