Member of the CPC prohibits the presence of Mr. Catra in SP after video related to the NDF

The faction said that the funkeiro is banned from performing in São Paulo soil, as well as being invited by owners of concert halls.
28/06/2017 15h06 - Updated 29/06/2017 10h12
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After the controversy funk singer Mr. Catra have exalted the North Family faction (FND) video an alleged member of the First Capital Command (PCC), rival faction, states that he is banned from performing in São Paulo soil, as well as being invited by owners of concert halls.

The ban came even Catra has published a new video on his Facebook page, which denies to know it is a criminal group. The post was held on 26 June and it is the first official response from the images on the Internet viralizaram.

In the new video, Catra says a friend gave a list of names of "friends" to him to do the rhyme. On the expression "Northern Family", he said it is the people who work with him and hire their shows here, It is just a group of friends who built in the music. Already about the term "trophic of Lacks", the funkeiro said it is a beginner rap group in the neighborhood, and that was only supporting.

Not text, PCC member makes reference to the rebellion that took place in January this year, the Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj), where there was a massacre motivated by the rivalry between the two factions.

The Department to Combat Organized Crime (DRCO) Civil Police of the Amazon seeks to establish whether in fact the singer has some connection with the faction and is investigating the case.

read, in full, PCC member's posting:
CAPITAL CONTROLS FIRST "PCC" informs q funk singer known as MR.CATRA are prohibited from singing in which you want to place q is in the state of São Paulo in the capital as inside and lowered to q pay total explanations about joining reverence and pay tribute to the rival faction PCC ,the NDF damn those same q killed our brothers cruelly and defenseless Chance .
Be aware q brother any member of the faction "CAPITAL CONTROLS FIRST" q ​​come across this individual will have q hold it and takes it to the organization's summit.
Any show house any home q makes events in São Paulo inside or lowered capital q comes to hire or even lead singer for VIP presence it will be considered a traitor by the organization "CAPITAL CONTROLS FIRST" and will suffer as it has to be done .

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