Even after being rejected, text of the labor reform goes to the Senate CCJ

Despite the rejection, the material normally remains pending, until the final decision in plenary.
20/06/2017 15h14 - Updated 20/06/2017 17h16
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In a tense meeting, the Committee on Social Affairs (CASE) the Senate rejected by 10 votes to 9 the main text of the labor reform, approved in the House of Representatives. With the senator's report rejecting Ricardo Ferraço (PSDB-ES), the separate vote presented by Paulo Paim (PT-RS) It was approved unanimously.

Despite the rejection, the material normally remains pending, until the final decision in plenary. "In practice nothing happens. The proposal follows the usual procedure, but it is a bad signal to the government ", he admitted Ferraço. The result was celebrated by opposition senators.

Next steps
The next step of the procedure will be tomorrow (21), when Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RR) will present its report whether the project is constitutional or not the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) Senate. Juca should read the report tomorrow, but the vote will probably be next week.

If approved the constitutionality of the CCJ, It is expected to pass the text to be processed on an emergency basis in the plenary of the House, which will be put to the vote separate vote of Senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS), approved today in CAS. In him, Paim seeks the total rejection of the text approved by the House. If the plenary confirms the decision of the CAS, the matter will be filed. If the separate vote of Paulo Paim is rejected in plenary, goes to vote the opinion of Senator Ferraço, approved by the Economic Affairs Committee (FALLS OFF), with the same text approved by the House of Representatives. In this case, if approved, goes to presidential approval.

Or discussion
The result of today's vote surprised even opposition senators. During the meeting, PT senators, PSB and PCdoB made harsh criticisms of the text and said they were convinced that, how is, the proposal will remove workers' rights. Another frequent criticism among opposition was the fact that the rapporteur, Ricardo Ferraço, They have kept the same text adopted by MEPs to reject all submitted amendments, inclusive as 87 of the governing coalition in the Senate that modified points considered controversial text. By refusing the amendments, the rapporteur gives speed to process the proposal, since any change of merit would make the proposal back to the analysis of the House of Representatives.

"The Lords today, if you vote this project, will be resigning senator mandate. They are saying: 'look, we no longer want to be senators. That the House do what it wants, and we signed embaixo'.Vamos put here in the Senate concierge entry stamps one factory. Each senator purchase a stamp, Stamps coming of the House and sent to the president. That's what we're doing. We are giving ", said Sen. Paulo Paim (PT-RS).

O Lider do PMDB no Senado, Renan Calheiros (AL), also criticized the reform. He said this is a sad day for the Senate, with the advance of a proposal, for him, cause "harm" the country. "When we add up this labor reform, what evil it contains, with reoneração sectors of the economy, we have an alarming unemployment in Brazil ", he said.

But the government leader in the Senate, Romero Juca, He said it is necessary to establish the truth and defended the proposal. "It is opening the gate, is lack of accountability mean it. Remove 13 ° [salary], is not true. We are making an adjustment to improve the country's employment situation ", said, noting that the project also will not bring wage cuts.

Also in an effort to adopt its opinion, Ferraço recalled that the change in labor legislation is being made by an ordinary law and, that is why, no worker of the right guaranteed by the Constitution would be threatened. "I am sure and convinced that the hierarchy of laws, ordinary legislation does not infringe that is enshrined in the Federal Constitution. I am ready to settle accounts with the present and the future of what I'm doing ", said Ferraço.

Karine Melo – Agency Brazil

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