MPF-AM denounces owners plane that crashed in Manaus by attack on aviation security

aircraft crashes occurred in the area near the Eduardo Gomes International Airport, in July 2013, killing six people.
13/06/2017 11h38 - Updated 13/06/2017 16h35
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The Federal Public Ministry in the Amazon (MPF / AM) He denounced the Federal Court entrepreneurs Alexandre José Catuzzo Marmentini and Vitor César Catuzzo Marmentini, partners-directors of Pioneer Construction and Carrier Ltda. (Cotrap) and the company Apuí Air Taxi, by attack on air transport safety. The brothers are seen as responsible for the fall of the PR-OKK prefix aircraft, in an area close to Eduardo Gomes Airport, in 16 July 2013, which resulted in the death of six people.

According to the investigation report, the plane took off bound for Apuí (remote to 408 kilometers from Manaus), but fell after colliding with the local vegetation, leaving no survivors. According to the complaint, Alexandre Marmentini followed the departure of the aircraft, We did the check-in of passengers and waited for the completion of the taxiway. The investigations concluded that he was aware of the conditions in which the plane was in when he left the airport.

Vitor César Marmentini is the legal guardian by the companies before the National Agency Manufacturing Civil Avição (Anac), the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero) and bodies linked to the aeronautical industry. Para o MPF, he was omitted when it could have taken the necessary preventive measures for training, instabilities detection and aircraft abnormalities.

The fatalities were the commander Elcio Miguel Carneiro da Silva, Messias de Alencar Neto, Aurelio Queiroz Simonetti, Adonay Person Fields, Edson Oliveira and Pavon and Vanessa Guedes de Aguiar. The first three died in the fall of act, the other died from thermal action generated by the crash.

The documents submitted by the Aeronautical Accidents Investigation and Prevention Center (Cenipa), along a copy of the administrative process of ANAC and the police investigation report, prove that required certification criteria were ignored, endangering the lives of passengers and people on the ground.

The MPF / AM asks, after we received the complaint, Marmentini the brothers are sentenced to the crime under article 261 the Brazilian Penal Code – attack on air transport safety. The penalty provided ranges from four to 12 years in prison, and with cases of death, the penalty can be doubled.

The criminal case ongoing in the 4th Federal Court of the Judiciary Section Amazon, under the number 0005362-25.2017.4.01.3200.

Investigation - Two hypotheses are cited as causes of the accident princiais: the first would be overweight, since the aircraft was in charge 114 kilograms above the maximum allowed; the second suggests a possible loss of the left engine.

The report documents many missing situations that contributed to the crash, the lack of continuous pilot training, which may have hindered the understanding of commands before the emergency. According to the investigation report, there was no formal system of the company to recruit, select and evaluate the performance of professionals working for the company.

In the administrative proceeding filed by Anac it was found the fact that Apuí Air Taxi company had suspended the license to carry out activities, in 5 July 2013, a few days before the accident. In registration with the agency, PR-OKK aircraft was registered in the category “Private air transport”, however, at the time of the accident, paid commercial activity exercised, as the copy of the boarding pass which had been sold to one of the victims.

Source: MPF-AM

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