MPF is new complaint against Cabral, ex-wife and four for money laundering

This is the ninth complaint against the former governor of Rio de Janeiro during Operation Lava Jet.
02/06/2017 13h00 - Updated 2/06/2017 13h00
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The Federal Public Ministry in Rio de Janeiro (MPF/RJ), in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), presented new complaint for money laundering against former Governor Sérgio Cabral, by jet wash Task Force. Also reported were the first Cabral woman, Susana Neves, the owner and the FW Engineering counter, Flávio Werneck and Alberto Conde.

Were also reported by MPF / RJ the governor's brother, Maurício Cabral, and one of the scheme operators, Carlos Miranda. in a statement, MPF reported that washing episodes reported in the complaint refer to the use of the company Sea and Survey Services, connected to Flávio Werneck, to give lawful appearance to the payment of R $ 1,7 million in bribes, under the scheme set by the former governor.

According to the complaint, the ninth brought against Cabral in Rio de Janeiro, payments made by the Survey took place in terms of benefits received by FW Engineering, property Werneck, in contracts with the state government of Rio de Janeiro, during Cabral management. "Between 2007 e 2014, the volume of the company's contracts with the increased government 37 times and included expressive works, as the urbanization of the Manguinhos Complex ", says the MPF.

The Federal Public Ministry maintains, the denunciation, the responsible for the operationalization of payments was Alberto Conde, counter of FW Engineering. For vablizar or gratuity scheme, Survey the company was registered in the name of his daughter and a former employee his, Its main activity is the repair and maintenance of computers.

However, the accused himself said the owners, declared as company owners, They bore no relation to the economic activity allegedly exercised or interference on payments made by the same.

"The complaint makes clear that, in true, payments were made at the direction of Flávio Werneck, that deposited in the account Survey, by FW Engineering, the values ​​that would then be passed on to other front companies ", says the MPF Note.

Source: Agency Brazil

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