Woman arrested when he tried to open a bank account using a lawyer documents

The suspect claims that it is only student, but put several photos of trips and parties on social networks, which contradicts with the statement.
29/06/2017 11h43 - Updated 29/06/2017 16h21
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On the afternoon of Wednesday (28), a woman identified as Ellen Cristina Abreu of Abreu, from 26 years, He was arrested, suspicion of embezzlement and use of false documents at the time trying to open a checking account, in a bank branch located in the Street Barroso, in Manaus Centro neighborhood, in the name and with false documents a lawyer.

In possession of forged documents, Ellen had made a loan in the amount of R $ 40 thousand on behalf of another person, in a bank and was attempting to transfer the money to the agency that would open the account. However, the manager suspected the documents submitted by woman. Then, the manager called the victim who was already bank account to confirm that it would hold such investment, which was denied by the lawyer, that triggered the police and the suspect was arrested red-handed.

Ellen were in possession, proof of residence copies, Bank statement, yield voucher, one identity card and a credit card from a department store, in which even had high value purchases feiro.

According to the police, the woman 'boasted' posting photos of trips and parties on social networks, but claims to be only student, which contradicts with the photos posted on social networks.

Ellen will for custody hearing, in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis on Thursday (29).

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