Netflix announces price adjustment in Brazil; see how your plan will cost

Of the three packages offered by the company, only the most basic plan would be maintained.
16/06/2017 12h38 - Updated 16/06/2017 12h38
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Prepare your pocket. Netflix started shooting emails to its Brazilian customers warning of a price increase that should begin to be worth from July this year. The increase in tuition is significant, and can reach up to R $ 8 Additional per month.

Of the three packages offered by the company, only the most basic plan would be maintained. The signature that allows viewing on one screen and does not give access to HD videos will continue costing R $ 19,90 monthly.

The other two will rise. The standard package, used by most people, entitling to two screens and playback in HD, will rise R $ 22,90 to R $ 27,90, representing an increase of 21,8%. Already the most advanced plan, to four screens and playback at 4K, will rise R $ 29,90 to R $ 37,90 monthly, resulting in an increase of 26,7%.

Netflix announces that its price was not adjusted in Brazil since half 2015. that said, the change is above the inflation in two years. If the adjustment reflects only inflation, prices would rise 12,36%, com base no IPC-A. In this case, the midplane would be R $ 25,73, while the more advanced cost R $ 33,60.

A company, However, reserves the right to increase the monthly fee based on other local market factors, which may include tax increases. E, indeed, recently it approved a service tax as Netflix and Spotify, which may have contributed to the increase. The problem is that the company has publicly stated that the tax would not cause price increase.

There are other factors that may also have caused the situation. The company has announced that it is investing heavily in the production of unique content, more specifically US $ 6 billion. The recent high dollar, resulting from the political crisis in Brazil, probably did not help.

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