New phase of Lava Jet investigates fraud in school meals in Rio

The resources for school feeding and feeding of detainees in prisons were diverted with an offsetting payment of bribes to public officials.
01/06/2017 09h20 - Updated 1/06/2017 15h59
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The Federal Police carries out this morning (1) another phase of Operation Lava jet in Rio de Janeiro, called Ratatouille in order to disrupt a resource diversion criminal scheme for the provision of school meals and feeding of detainees in prisons in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with an offsetting payment of bribes to public officials.

The operation is done in conjunction with the Federal Public Ministry and the IRS. The goal of the action are the Mazan and Milano companies, belonging to the same family group. They also provided food for the state public hospitals and the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) during the Olympics last year. Over the past decade, the two companies had higher contracts to R $ 700 million with the Government of Rio de Janeiro.

Federal police play a remand warrant and nine search and seizure warrants, issued by Judge Marcelo Bretas, 7Th Criminal Rio Federal Court, in Barra da Tijuca neighborhoods, the city center, in Ipanema and Leblon, Rio's municipality, and in the cities of Mangaratiba and Duque de Caxias.

investigations, initiated six months ago, indicate the payment of at least R $ 12,5 million in undue advantages to public authorities for a food business entrepreneur that held contracts with the Rio state government.

According to the PF, "The operation name refers to a typical dish of French cuisine, in reference to a dinner at upscale restaurant in Paris, in which were present various public authorities and entrepreneurs who had business with the state ".

Source: Agency Brazil

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