Eight candidates are set for by-election of the Amazon

First election shift will be on 6 of August.
17/06/2017 15h52 - Updated 18/06/2017 15h04
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On the last day of the caucuses, this Friday (16), alliances that forged the eight candidates were presented scaled to the war that will be fought in the by-election by the state government command, no dia 6 of August: Amazonino, Eduardo Braga, Jose Ricardo, Luiz Castro, Marcelo Serafim, Rebecca Garcia, Wilker Barreto and Araujo Liliane.

The last day of the period stipulated by the Electoral Court to conduct caucus was tense, marked by meetings of political bosses and the decision postponed until the last moment. The final frame was only closed at night and nine candidates expected to compete in only eight were defined.

Congressman Silas House, who two weeks ago had already announced the composition of his plate with Colonel PM Amadeu Soares as vice, yesterday, during the convention of the PRB, held in Para Club, the avenue Max Teixeira, North Zone, He announced his withdrawal from the contest. Silas was the third most voted candidate in the election for the Manaus City Hall last year.

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