Palocci is sentenced to 12 years in prison for corruption and money laundering

The condemnation published today (26) by Judge Sérgio Moro, also determines the payment of a fine of about R $ 808 one thousand.
26/06/2017 10h15 - Updated 26/06/2017 17h15
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Former minister Antônio Palocci was sentenced to 12 years, two months and 20 days in prison for passive corruption and money laundering in one of the processes that respond during Operation Lava Jet. condemnation, in the first instance, published today (26) by Federal Judge Sergio Moro, also determines the payment of a fine of about R $ 808 one thousand.

Live assessed as founded the complaint of the Federal Prosecutor (MPF) that Palocci had received bribes to act for the benefit of the Odebrecht construction company in the construction contract of the probes between Sete Brazil and the Shipyard Cove do Paraguaçu. According to the judge, in sequence to the crime of corruption, Nineteen were committed acts of money laundering, in concealment and transfer of the amount of the fees, especially the Workers Party (PT).

“The values ​​served, no case, to remunerate, no registry, services rendered in election campaigns, which is equivalent fraud provision of electoral expenses. Contamination with the democratic political process crime of resources is the most objectionable element of the criminal scheme of Petrobras”, the judge said, in the sentence.

Moro also considered “high” guilt Palocci, since the crimes were committed when they occupied the post of the Civilian Household Chief Minister. “The responsibility of a minister of state is enormous,, consequently, also his guilt when practicing crimes.”

The judge also determined that Antônio Palocci to serve his sentence in a closed initial scheme. The regimen was progression conditioned to return approximately $ R 10,2 million that former minister received in the form of kickbacks, second sentence.


More 14 people respond to the same action of the former minister had also handed down the order for Moro, between them, Branislav Kontic, assistant Palocci, and CEO of Odebrecht Rogerio Santos de Araújo, acquitted for lack of sufficient evidence that have participated in criminal acts.

The former president of Odebrecht, Marcelo Odebrecht, He was also convicted of a crime of corruption and 19 money laundering. As the executive celebrated whistleblower according winning, to initial sentence, it would be similar to Palocci, It was replaced with 10 years in prison, progressions scheme with scheduled every two and a half.

Eduardo Musa and Renato Duque, who worked at Petrobras, They were convicted of accepting bribes. The executive of Seven Brazil João Ferraz and former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto were sentenced for the same crime.

By 19 acts of money laundering, Live convicted five former executives of Odebrecht: Hilberto Mascarenhas Filho, Fernando Migliaccio da Silva, Luiz Eduardo Soares, Olivio Rodrigues Junior and Marcelo Rodrigues. The same crime, were also convicted marketers João Santana and Mônica Moura.

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