Evangelical pastors receive honor at City Hall Manaus

Social actions taken by the religious leaders were remembered during the tribute in allusion to the Day of Evangelical Pastor.
09/06/2017 15h15 - Updated 9/06/2017 15h15
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In allusion to the Day of the Evangelical Pastor, celebrated every year on the second Sunday of June, religious leaders, of various denominations of Manaus received, on the morning of Friday (9), honor at City Hall Manaus (CMM), located on the street Father Augustine Martin Caballero, São Raimundo, West zone.

Councilman João Luiz (PRB) He stressed the importance of pastors for society and for that reason decided to honor some pastors of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) with the delivery of certificates and board that was delivered to Bishop Fernando Vassoller on behalf of all pastors who are dedicated to doing good to others through Bible teachings.

“The shepherds take the word of God to all, because only God delivers, heals and transforms human life. This world needs transformation that comes through the dedication of these evangelizers. There is no money to pay the work of shepherds and shepherdesses. These are people who rescue souls, restore lives, helping to build a better society and fraternal. It is noteworthy the fact that many pastors, the example of the Good Shepherd Jesus Cristo, They give up their professions to devote to religious work and care for others, doing good”, said João Luiz.

Councilor Dante (PSDB), tribute event of the author in the CMM, It says that the work of evangelical pastors is essential for spiritual growth of the citizen. “Being a pastor is to take care, It is giving up his life in the name of the next. It is making a difference in people's lives. Because he [pastor] It serves as an example to be followed and thus gain a better city and more human”.

Social actions taken by the religious leaders were remembered during the tribute. The most prominent themes were drug prevention, assistance to drug addicts, homeless, convicts and victims of natural disasters.

“This recognition here at City Hall Manaus surprised me, for we are also reminded of the social work and the good we do for people and the city. This strengthens me as a man of God”, said the pastor of the Universal Church, Jorge Balbino Wounds of Jesus.

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