Patixa Telo reveals that was beaten to rediscover man who filmed in show house bathroom

The outburst was posted on a video, on the night of Friday, where Patixa talks that took a boy punch that made a selfie with her inside the bathroom of a show house. Following the release of the live Patixa page on Facebook has been down.
03/06/2017 10h16 - Updated 4/06/2017 14h48
Photo: Playback / Facebook

Luiz Antonio de Souza da Silva, 39, better known as "Patixa Telo", He shared with his followers on facebook another episode of aggression against it. The images to Amazon celebrity is said to have taken a punch in the face, on Thursday night (1º), the same guy who made a selfie with her inside the bathroom of a show house, located in the neighborhood Chapada, South-Central Zone of Manaus on 22 of May.

A police report of injury has been recorded in May against the boy in the 12th District Integrated Police (DIP) when he released Patixa pictures sitting on top of a toilet, wiping with toilet paper. In this B.O. states that Patixa was "filmed without consent, which has caused great negative repecussão against your honor ".

According to friend and businessman Patixa, Edy Araújo, better known as "Edy Murphy", It states that the author of the aggression is Carlos Ferreira da Cunha Junior, 19, known as "Periquita" and even, already recognized in pictures. “I have confirmed also by images he was yesterday that show house. I have called him, to try to know what actually happened, but the calls were not answered ", said.

The case will only be reported to the police authority of the 12th District Integrated Police (DIP) after analysis of the legal representative. After the release of the video to Patixa page has been down.

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