First search after setting candidates shows victory investigated by Operation Lava Jet, Eduardo Braga

According to research, Braga win by 3,8% of Amazonino Mendes.
25/06/2017 15h52 - Updated 26/06/2017 12h45
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In the first poll after the definition of candidates for by-elections in the Amazon, Senator and candidate investigated by Operation Lava Jet, Eduardo Braga (PMDB), win by 4,2% advantage over the former governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT), the second round was today.

Eduardo Braga (PMDB), Amazonino Mendes (PDT) e Rebecca Garcia (PP) Preferred appear in the voting intention of the voter, both in the spontaneous mode as stimulated.

Braga appears 26,1%, Amazonino with 22,3% e Rebecca Garcia (PP) with 11,6%. Then appears José Ricardo (PT) with 8,0%, Liliane Araújo (PPS) with 5,6%, Luiz Castro (NETWORK) with 3,2%, Marcelo Serafim (PSB) with 3,0% and lastly Wilker Barreto (PHS) with 1,8%. Null or white add 9,4% and undecided 9,0%.

The research was carried out 19 a 23 June in the capital and 20 Amazon municipalities.

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