American teachers share experiences in education with Amazon students

The exchange brought together 16 Americans who were able to interact with students, sharing and sharing learnings.
02/06/2017 16h27 - Updated 3/06/2017 10h34
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The IV College of Military Police Military Aurea Pinheiro Braga (CMPM), the Great Victory, East Zone of Manaus, He opened the door to another "Inglês Day",It occurred on the morning of Friday, 2, and included the participation of the group "Messiah College", Pennsylvania (USA), who came to share experiences with students from Amazon school. The exchange brought together 16 Americans who were able to interact with students, sharing and sharing learnings.

The school manager, Lieutenant Colonel Osimar Guedes Dias, He commented on the exchange and extolled the satisfaction of students in contact with the foreign language. "The students had fantastic experience, the school also. An international tour is very complicated, and you open your school to people from other countries, as American culture, with another reality, we are aware that we have a very important social role ", he emphasized.

He also stressed that this experience will be the first of many, that work with the English language is going well and he was very happy to see all that is going on at school, because the goal is that the teaching unit is bilingual until October 2017.

A student of 3rd year of high school, Maria Julia, 18, says of his experience with the "foreigners" in their school. "It's all very new to me, I discovered recently, but I am enjoying the experience. It is very good to have this contact with the native language, and a native ", said the student, which is a monitor of English. A young help in the practice of pronunciations, to be all according to the demands of school.

As the first visit by a foreign group in school, student Paulo Thiago, 17, He says that "learning English is very good". Animating account of their experience with the project he said that has achieved good results in learning songs in English and proper pronunciation of form.

Rodney theologian came to participate in the "Inglês Day" as a missionary. He says his first coming to the state and thanked receptivity. "I was welcomed on my first time here and it was very nice talking to students, said the theologian, who often travel and intensive courses in several countries.

For the second time in the Amazon, missionary Jan Dormer confesses that liked to talk to school students. "They are in love and are trying very hard. I enjoyed the school and the vision that the school has "and added that to be an English teacher, You need to have a lot of passion and pass that passion for students. "The secret for teachers is they have the methodologies that give success, through music, games students can use, what you have learned outside the classroom ".

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