Sérgio Cabral is sentenced to 14 years and two months for corruption and money laundering

Decision was published in the Justice system on Tuesday (13).
13/06/2017 11h05 - Updated 13/06/2017 12h35
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The former governor of Rio, Sérgio Cabral, was sentenced by Judge Sergio live in an action of Lava jet in Parana 14 years and 2 months in prison for passive corruption and money laundering.
The decision was published in the Federal Justice system at about 11 am Tuesday (13). See the full sentence.

His wife, Adriana Ancelmo, He was acquitted for lack of sufficient proof of authorship or participation. Monica Carvalho defendant was also acquitted by the same token.

Moro, acts of corruption and money laundering are a fact "scary", in addition to revealing the systematic commission of serious crimes of corruption.

“Acts of corruption and washing recognized in this judgment fall into a broader context of systematic practice of criminal offenses by former governor and his associates and which is illustrated by about nine criminal cases against them already proposed in the Federal of Rio Justice January and also finds proof in the same done to it was charged a percentage of undue advantage in all public work carried out in the State of Rio de Janeiro ", said Sergio Moro.

According to the MPF, Sérgio Cabral, Adriana Ancelmo and two other defendants - Carlos Miranda and Carlos Wilson - "took advantage of the former governor office to request and receive undue advantage". This fact, according to prosecutors, It is reason for increased punishment for corruption crimes.

Still according to the MPF, the group was involved in the payment of undue advantages from the Petrobras contract with the Consortium Earthwork Petrochemical Complex of Rio de Janeiro (Comperj), formed by the companies Andrade Gutierrez, Odebrecht and Queiroz Galvão. The complaint lodged by federal prosecutors (MPF) It was accepted in December last year.

See defendants convicted and their crimes

Sergio Cabral - former governor of Rio de Janeiro: passive corruption, 12 money laundering crimes

Wilson Carlos Cordeiro Silva Carvalho – government secretary of Rio de Janeiro during Cabral management – bribery and two money laundering offenses.

Carlos Emanuel de Carvalho Miranda
– member of the former governor Sergio Cabral – bribery and four money laundering offenses.

Rogério Nora Peixoto and Clovis were also denounced by the MPF and became defendants in the same criminal case by the bribery crime. However, in January 2017, MPF suspension process required for the two, due to the award-winning collaboration agreement signed with them.

"Given the scale of the crimes and especially the economic capacity of Sérgio Cabral illustrated the declared assets of nearly R $ 3 million and, that considering the examined in this sentence, certainly higher, the day fixed fine of five times the minimum wage in effect at the time of the last fact delitivo (05/2014)”, said Sergio Moro on the fine intended to Cabral.

If recourse is, Cabral must respond arrested, according to Sergio Moro sentence.

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