Tattoo artist is arrested for torture after writing 'I am a thief and Vacilão’ the teen's forehead

Family sought police after receiving the video in which the young 17 years appears being tattooed, according to men, he was caught stealing a bike.
12/06/2017 18h47 - Updated 12/06/2017 19h00
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The tattoo artist Maycon Wesley Carvalho dos Reis, 27 years, and the neighboring Ronildo Moreira de Araújo, 29 years, They were arrested in the act of torture, late on Friday (9), in São Bernardo do Campo Center. They are responsible for the registration tattoo “I am a thief and Vacilão” on the forehead of a teenager 17 years. The crime, second police information, It was committed on the morning of Friday (9).

On Saturday afternoon (10), Judge Ines Del Cid, Criminal Court of São Bernardo do Campo, He decreed the two of probation. at the police station, the men said to delegated Carolina Aguiar Born the teenager allegedly tried to steal a bicycle in the area and were disgusted with it and “tattooing solve the same as punishment”. A search operation was conducted in the region, but the young man who was tattooed on his forehead remains missing until 16:30 Saturday.

The tattoo was filmed with mobile Maycon, shared on Whatsapp and video quickly viralizou. The detail is that the teenager had been missing since 31 May and family recognize when also received the video of the boy being tattooed on the forehead.

In the pictures you can see that the teenager does not react to provocations and the tattoo artist of his neighbor. At one point, one of them says: “it will hurt, it will hurt”. At another time they ask the child what he wants to tattoo and force the answer: “thief.”

According to the police report Family, the youth are drug users and would not be enjoying his mental faculties.

The two men were in the lockup of the 3rd Police District (DP). Now in CDP, should go to an isolated cell of the remaining detainees. The reason is that other inmates had revolted with the torture carried out against teen.

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