TCE-AM identifica 38 irregularities in North Watchtower and fine mayor

The accounts 2015 Mayor Nonato the Tenazor Nascimento were appreciated early on Tuesday (13).
13/06/2017 13h45 - Updated 13/06/2017 13h45
Photo: Markus Nagawo/TCE-AM

Due to 38 irregularities pointed out in a report by the technical sector of the Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) and in harmony with the prosecution by the TEC, the directors decided to judge irregular, unanimously, accounts of 2015 North Watchtower mayor, Nonato Tenazor Nascimento, appreciated early on Tuesday (13), during the 19th session of the full.

Following the vote of the director Érico Desterro, full reproached the expense of the mayor and ordering accounts and determined that he give back to the public coffers R $ 2,3 millions, referring to the sum of fines and scope, by amounts spent and unproven in public administration. The manager of the process (No 11522/2016) It should be referred to the State of Amazonas prosecutors, for research and investigation of acts of administrative misconduct.

According to the inspection report, extracts were found which would conclusively prove the sending of transfer to the City Council nor documentation to confirm that the amounts spent on education or health, for example, both described in statements Prefecture, They had been used properly.

Also according to the ECA's technical was lack of proof and justification of application of the values ​​entered in the vaults of North Watchtower City Hall by federal and state constitutional transfers of funds during the year 2015 and totaling R $ 43,8 millions, subject to review by this Court of Accounts, not to mention the expense and made unproven with works and installations in the Municipal Education, no total value of R $ 2,3 millions, according to the Board of External Control of Public Works.

Mayor Nonato the Tenazor Nascimento, what, as the rapporteur, violated legal norms of budgetary nature, financial, operational and property, has 30 days to return the value to the public coffers. The manager may still appeal the decision.

Another manager who had disapproved the accounts was the former mayor of Itapiranga, Nadiel Birth Serrao. Because of the irregularities, including payment buffet in the value $ 276 thousand without proper evidence and even lack of maintenance services vouchers in public buildings, the manager will have to return to public coffers R $ R $ 1 million , between fines and glosses. The Rapporteur was the auditor Alipio Kings Firmo Son.

But denied

The mayor and ordering expense Caapiranga, Antônio Lima, She tried to cancel, by Statement Embargo, The judgment No. 060/2016, Plenary TEC, who judged irregular, in October last year, the provision of his accounts and sentenced him to return to public coffers R $ 1,7 million because of irregularities in the accounts of year 2011. Based on decision of the Supreme Court, the applicant claimed that the ECA would not have jurisdiction over his bills. Citing the Constitution, TCEs that allows the assessment of public management accounts, Councilor Joshua Son denied the embargo and maintained the previous decision. The manager will have to return the value to the public treasury.

Audited accounts

Still in session, full approved with reservations, but no fine, Municipal Fund manager's accounts of Manaus Culture, the year 2015, Márcio Souza; Maternity director Dona Nazira Daou, José Ribeiro Junior (2015); Secretary of State for Culture, Robério Braga (the year 2016); the executive secretary of Modernization Financing Fund, Treasury Amazon, Francisco Mota Arnóbio; and the president of the Prior Information Commission, Epitácio Neto.

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