Fear classifies complaint “fiction”, criticizes Janot and collecting concrete evidence

Not address, Temer said his "concern is minimal" with the complaint and described the piece of Janot as a "work of fiction".
27/06/2017 16h50 - Updated 27/06/2017 16h50
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Surrounded by ministers and parliamentarians of the governing coalition, President Michel Temer issued a statement that challenged the complaint yesterday (26) against him and criticized the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, responsible for complaint brought to the Supreme Court (STF). Not address, Temer said his "concern is minimal" with the complaint and described the piece of Janot as a "work of fiction".

"I am the legal area and not impressed me with grounds or, who knows, Principals in the absence of jurídicos porque por mais de advoquei 40 years. And I know when the matter has, or has no legal basis. My concern is minimal, but respect the judiciary and judicial decisions ", Temer said when launching speech, the Presidential Palace.

According to him, the denunciation affect not only him, more or country, since they come "precisely at this time when we are putting the country on track".

The president denies the crime of accepting bribes and received undue benefits. "I am a victim of political infamy. I was denounced by passive corruption without ever having received values ​​or practiced adjustments to commit unlawful. Where are the concrete evidence of receiving such amounts? Do not exist", he added.

Fearing ranked the complaint of a work of fiction. “They created a novel plot. The complaint is a fiction”.

About recording the conversation he had with the businessman Joesley Batista, dono da JBS, Fearing argued that interruptions in audio recording make unlawful and invalid test for Justice. The recording is one of the tests listed by Janot to support the complaint against President. The business recorded a meeting with Temer, the Palace of Jaburu, and handed the audio to the Federal Public Ministry, informer that established according winning. recording, second Joesley, Fear gives approval to continue paying a kind of allowance for Eduardo Cunha, former Congressman and you're stuck in Operation Lava Jet.

to Temer, the attorney general's office has created a new category of complaint. "I realize that reinvented the Penal Code and included a new category: the complaint by implication. If you know someone who has committed a crime, or take a picture next to someone, the new implication is that I am a criminal ", said the president.

Not address, Fear insinuated that Rodrigo Janot may have benefited from the award-winning tipoff JBS, stating that "a close aide" and "strict confidence man" of the RMP would be suspect for having left the attorney to work "in a company that makes award-winning whistle blowing".

The attitudes of Janot, said the president, "Open dangerous precedent in our law because it allows the most varied conclusions about good people and honest. For example, build the following hypothesis of a close aide to the PGR - and give his name for one reason – My name was used in the complaints deslavadamente, there is a desire to emphasize in bold letters menu name – Marcelo Miller, man of the strictest confidence Attorney General Lord ".

"The academic whole dream right was to provide competition for prosecutor. For this gentleman I mentioned leaves employment [procurator] to work in the company that makes plea bargaining. This citizen came out and has been working for this company and made millions in a few months. He assured his new boss, in the company, benevolent agreement, and whistleblower who takes his boss from the clutches of justice and impunity generates never seen before ", he added. In plea bargaining signed with the MPF, Joesley Batista will not be stuck and can live outside the country.

"Under the new 'law of inference', now established that complaint, we could conclude this hypothesis that millions in fees did not come only for the adviser of confidence that left the prosecutor. But I will not make conclusions. I am absolutely convinced that I can not report without evidence or make conclusions. I can not be irresponsible ", said. "In the case of this man stapler, the desperation to get away from the chain moved him and his henchmen to make the inference and distribute the impunity of the prize ", said, in reference to Joesley Batista.

Even in critical tone Janot, Temer said the prosecutor has "sliced ​​allegations to create facts weekly anti-government", or what, second or president, It is "an attack on our country". He concluded saying that will not give up his defense, government or the proposed reforms.

"I speak today in support of the Presidency of the Republic institution and in defense of my personal honor. I am proud to be president, It is something touching. I am honored to be president for the advances that my government practiced. My disposition is working to Brazil and continue with reforms. So I do not run away from battles, nor the war that lies ahead. My disposal will not end attacks. I lack the courage to go on rebuilding the country ".

In the complaint lodged by Rodrigo Janot, Fear is alleged practice of accepting bribes. The charge is based on investigations initiated from the award-winning tipoff according JBS. The complaint was sent to the office of Minister Edson Fachin, Rapporteur of research involving the president. The Minister may grant term 15 days to defend the demonstration before sending it to the House. The formality of sending shall be enforced by the Chief Justice, Carmen Lucia.

Even with the arrival of the complaint, the Supreme Court can not consider the issue before a prior decision by the House of Representatives. According to the Constitution, the complaint against Temer can be analyzed only after the endorsement of 342 MEPs, the equivalent of two-thirds of the House number of deputies.

Marcelo Brandão and Pedro Peduzzi – Agency Brazil

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