Fearing brand meeting with Alckmin by PSDB remaining in government

President tries to avoid disruption of toucans in the trial TSE's Eve can revoke his mandate
02/06/2017 16h46 - Updated 2/06/2017 16h46
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BRASILIA – Concerned about the intense movements of PSDB parliamentary, especially the younger wing of the party, that preaches breaking with the government, President Michel Temer will on Friday, 2, to Sao Paulo to meet with the governor, the Toucan Geraldo Alckmin. According to the State found, Fear leaves for São Paulo in the late afternoon and the meeting with Alckmin will be at 21:30.

Last week, Fear had met with former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and the acting president of the party, Tasso Jereissatti, and heard their support to his government. But saw increasing pressure from various toucans, this week, what came to take Jereissatti the schedule for next Tuesday, 6, same day of the trial of Dilma Temer-plate at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), meeting for taking decision on whether or not to break with the government.

The president was advised to arrange a dinner with Alckmin, ASAP, so that the governor of São Paulo has time, during the weekend, to articulate with his supporters to remain in supporting the Plateau. It was scheduled for Monday, 5, in São Paulo, a meeting of the local PSDB and, this meeting, You can decide the distancing of relations with President Temer. Thereby, President hurried and, anticipating the meeting, will ask for help from Alckmin to contain the Paulista Bench. The fear is that this movement anticipate what might occur on Tuesday and serve to contaminate the rest of the party.

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