Trio arrested for killing businessman and recruiting teenagers for prostitution

A teen 17 years was also seized, suspected of involvement in the case.
14/06/2017 16h44 - Updated 15/06/2017 11h39
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Leonardo Araujo Marinho, from 22 years, Nicholas dos Santos Lima, 20 years and Jéferson Marques da Silva, from 18 years, They were arrested on the morning of Tuesday (13), the businessman accused of robbery Ronan José de Paiva, 58, occurred in the last day 19 April this year, in New Hope neighborhood, West zone. Police said they also recruited teenagers to prostitute themselves with businessmen.

A teen 17 years was also seized, suspected of involvement in the case. According to the police, a teenager, accompanied by Nicholas, He planned the crime. They arranged to meet with the victim, so that the girl did a program with him. At first, according to the testimonies, there was no intention to kill the businessman, but he was shot in the back, after responding to the assault and try to accelerate the car.

“The accused confessed the crime, They claim that they had no intention of killing. According to them, the crime was premeditated by the lower and the Nicholas. We do not know how many meetings this lowest ever participated with entrepreneurs and if there are more victims of this theft gang ", said the owner of the Specialized Police in Robbery, Theft and defrauding (DERFD), Adriano Felix,.

Also according to the representative in gang, Nicholas recruiting teenagers to prostitute themselves with businessmen. In addition to the meetings agenciarem, the accused were involved in robberies of shops. "The teenager set up a meeting with businessman, that when arriving on site, He was approached by Jéferson and Leonardo, who announced the assault. The victim was shot and reacted.

The accused were charged for robbery and teen forwarded to Police Specializing in Determination of Acts infractional (DEAAI)

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