Trio arrested for robbery and rape teen in northern Manaus

security camera caught the three men laughing after leaving the forest area where the crime occurred, according to the Civil Police.
02/06/2017 16h14 - Updated 3/06/2017 10h34
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Three men were arrested, on Wednesday (31), suspected of stealing and raping a teenager 15 years, In Manaus. According to the police, Ronald Gomes Borges, 26, Douglas Carvalho Oliveira, 22, Paulo Henrique Tomaz, 20, They were arrested after Ronald be identified in a video that showed him leaving the vacant lot where the rape was committed. The crime took place in May this year, in the State Park Kapok, in the New Town neighborhood, North Zone.

They were arrested Ronald Gomes Borges, from 26 years; Douglas Carvalho Oliveira, from 22, and Paulo Henrique Tomaz, from 20 years. Images from security cameras helped the police to get the suspects, on Wednesday (31). The record was made soon after the gang rape, occurred on 26 of May. When shooting, the three men appear laughing after leaving the scene of the crime.

According to the delegated holder in exercise of Specialized Police for Protection of Children and Adolescents (depc), Ana Cristina Braga, Ronald is still suspected of raping two other teenagers and two other women. Ronald crimes occurred around 12 pm, departure time schools.

The suspect used to commit crimes between 12pm and 12:30 pm, Time output schoolchildren. “We realized that, since 2015, rapes were taking place with the same 'modus operandi', mainly in the North Zone of Manaus. The girls were assaulted and taken to forest areas, where they were raped”, He told delegated.

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