TSE begins third day of trial Dilma Temer-plate

In their statements, Odebrecht executives reported millions in donations to the presidential campaign 2014.
08/06/2017 09h49 - Updated 8/06/2017 17h26
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The plenum of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) resumed this morning (8) the analysis of the action in the PSDB asks cancellation of the plate-Dilma Temer, for abuse of political and economic power in the elections of 2014. This is the third session of the trial.

Yesterday (6), the rapporteur of the action, Minister Herman Benjamin, rejected three preliminary issues raised by the defense of Dilma Rousseff and Michel Temer, in which they attempt to nullify the validity of joined Odebrecht executives testimonials to the case file. On the morning of Wednesday, the other six ministers of the TSE should vote and set the matter.

In their statements, Odebrecht executives reported millions in donations to the campaign 2014. The defenses also want to set aside the testimony of Mônica Moura and João Santana, Advertising couple responsible for the campaign. They said they received illegal funds abroad.

The defenses Rousseff and Temer claim, inter alia, such that irregularities were not included in the initial challenges of the PSDB, It can not be appreciated in this action. if rejected, the analysis of the merits of the action by the ministers of TSE, which will take place as soon as resolved the substantive issues, if only give with regard to irregular hiring graphic services and assembly hustings, charges taken by the defense as simple to refute salts.

According to the TSE Procedure, after the rapporteur, the first to vote is the minister Napoleon Nunes Maia, followed by Admar Gonzaga and Tarcisio Vieira. After, vote for the vice-president of the TSE, Minister Luiz Fux, Minister Rosa Weber to e, by last, or President of the Court, Minister Gilmar Mendes.

The trial has two more sessions scheduled for this Thursday, at 14h and 19h. Besides that, They were marked three sessions tomorrow (9) and three on Saturday (10), at 9 am, at 14h and 19h.

Upon arrival, former Minister of STF Joaquim Barbosa said there is no way to predict outcome: “The trial is unpredictable”.

“What we are intending is drawn from all that concerns Odebrecht? It is?”, asks the rapporteur Herman Benjamin.

Herman Benjamin rapporteur asks the court to determine what facts should be excluded and that witnesses should not have been heard.

Ministers discuss, at this time, what evidence may be considered in the trial.

Minister Rosa Weber argues that the rapporteur already make your vote and says that illegal evidence are inadmissible.

Minister Napoleão Maia reads excerpts of the application.

Minister Luiz Fux said the judgment on the merits and mentions of the New Code of Civil Procedure sections.

In today's session (8), the other six ministers of the TSE should be manifested on two outstanding issues. Only then, You should start to discuss the merits of the action.

Yesterday's session time (7) It was mainly occupied by the rapporteur of the manifestation of action, Benjamin Herman, on three primary issues filed by the defense of Dilma Rousseff and Michel Temer. All contest the validity of the testimony of Odebrecht executives to TSE.

09:22 Session starts
Now begins the third day of the trial session Dilma plate-Temer in TSE.

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