Direct flights from London to Miami, RJ and Boa Vista are canceled by Latam

The state government said it had complied with all tax benefits to the company and that the problem is the Latam with a company that supplies the company and since appeals the decision.
06/06/2017 10h12 - Updated 6/06/2017 16h46
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At the end of yesterday afternoon (5), Latam Airlines Brazil announced that it has canceled the sales of tickets to its direct flights between Manaus and the cities of Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Boa Vista. According to information the cancellation was because the company found that the tax benefits negotiated for the maintenance of these routes are not being hired, which compromises the continuity of operation, announced the company through note.

But the state government reported that the tax benefits were fulfilled signed with Brazil Latam Airlines company, for maintaining direct flights between Manaus and cities. The state also said that the company received a reduction 25% for 7% Aviation kerosene (Frog) Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS), as set forth in Decree, and is already taking the necessary steps with the Latam on the announcement of the cancellation of flights from August.

The government also stated that the issue in the case is due to the company Raizen, which supplies the airline, which also received tax incentives, but so far not presented solution for supply with Petrobras, and as a result it was found to Latam impaired and decided to suspend flights. The Government is taking the necessary measures against the Raizen.

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