Besides Temer Janot complaint mentions Eduardo Braga

The Amazonas Senator, It is quoted by bribe-taking in 2014 in exchange for support to PT.
03/07/2017 18h31 - Updated 4/07/2017 11h59
Photo: Geraldo Magela / Agência Senado

The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, presented on Monday (26), the Supreme Court, complaint against President Michel Temer and his aide, Rodrigo Rocha Loures, by passive corruption. The accusation is based on allegations that have surfaced with the denunciation of JBS.

Besides Fearing and his aide the complaint also mentions other 14 politicians including the Amazon Senator, Eduardo Braga (PMDB) by bribe-taking in 2014 in exchange for support to PT.

“These payments were taken bribes from the current account for the PT arising from business achieved with BNDES intervention Guido Mantega”, Janot wrote in the complaint.

Citations, However, are not formal charges. Each case must be investigated separately from, in other cases.

The House of Representatives began on Thursday (29) the process that will determine whether the Supreme Court (STF) may or may not investigate President Michel Temer the crime of accepting bribes, from the complaint filed by the Attorney General's Office (PGR). The Federal Constitution states that, to be authorized to initiate an investigation against a President, are necessary votes of 342 MEPs, that is, two-thirds of the members of the House. Otherwise, the Supreme can not continue the process.

Upon receipt of the complaint and reading in the House and the notification to the accused, steps that occurred on Thursday, They should be followed rites and time limits laid down in the Constitution and the Internal Rules of the House until the final decision in plenary.

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