Brazilian artists create movement on the internet for disclosure of votes against Temer

named #342, the movement of artists linked to a site that promises not to deceive the Brazilian citizen is impacting the Internet, mainly on Social Networks.
12/07/2017 17h18 - Updated 12/07/2017 17h18
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An unprecedented event has just been reported by news magazine “Look”. artists of all stations initiated a movement for the Brazilian citizen that enables the intensification of transparency behind the scenes of the National Congress. The proposal suggests the revelation of the vote of each congressman who are part of the dome of the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ), which examine the complaint filed by the Attorney General's Office (PGR), Rodrigo Janot to the detriment of the President, Michel Temer (PMDB), Concerning the alleged incidence of crime of accepting bribes.

named #342, the movement of artists linked to a site that promises not to deceive the Brazilian citizen is impacting the Internet, mainly on Social Networks.

The choice of hashtag 342 mentions the number of lawmakers who will vote for the continuation of the complaint, that is, the permission for an inquiry in the Supreme Court (STF), in disfavor #Michel Temer.

Used simply with the total voting, elencada the scoreboard House, this time, voters will be closer to reality. The name of parliamentarians will be figured to vote. That's exactly what the presenter Fernanda Lima, climbing to the presentation of the online program, promises to bring to the public. The population will have details of science never seen before, nor, disclosed as the site promises to bear.

Celebrities are convinced that the momentum will be a way to pressure the representatives of the people to assume their responsibilities on an individual basis.

It means that the disclosure of the conduct of Members will provide a kind of forced mechanism able to compel the provision of parliamentary bills among its voters, otherwise, live the legal constraints of the adopted situation.

With attitude, it is assumed that politicians do not falter with estrema important decisions for the country. Besides that, elements as emails, parliamentary office phone, Public related data already contained in the Legislative transparency portal and profiles will also be available. What course will ensure the intense popular surveillance.

However, global Fernanda Lima was keen to give an opinion about saying “it's time to know the politicians” e “it's time for us to press these guys”. She also participated in the recording of a video, which brought even more famous, revealing that the president “It should be judged ".

Last week, the names of the artists Letícia Sabatella, Paula Lavigne, valesca popozuda, Marcelo Serrado and Renata Sorrah were also included in the contract.

Needless to comment, but the campaign started in social networks, even before the launch of the site, reached thousands of clicks, what may be a response to dissatisfaction with the PMDB to Government.

Lastly, the matter warned that the mission is mainly concentrated in the parliamentary “uncertain and contrary to prosecution”, do PGR. It was also noted that the site has no link with any political parties, It is exclusively of computer character, finalized the report.

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