Blitz is held at the Eduardo Gomes Airport in favor of passenger rights

The initiative is part of the "baggage without price" that intends to reduce abuses of the collection of checked bags.
28/07/2017 16h48 - Updated 28/07/2017 16h48
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This Friday (28), OAB Amazon, through the Defense Committee of the Consumer Law, participated in mobilizing the Eduardo Gomes International Airport in favor of passenger consumer rights, in particular, regarding payment of fees for checked bags. The action is nationally and took place simultaneously in the main airports of the country.

The initiative is part of the "baggage without price", sponsored by the Consumer Defense Special Committee of the Federal Council of OAB, chaired by Federal Councilor, Marié Miranda and supported by the president of the OAB Claudio Lamachia.

According to the consumer protection agencies, several abuses of the collection of checked bags imposed by resolution 400 the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), amongst them, lack of correct information of the amounts charged, by companies, in visible to the consumer and the lack of reduction in the ticket price if mail does not have to ship by the airline.

On the occasion distributed the booklet "Pay for baggage? Understand this and other rules for air transport ", developed by IDEC (Brazilian Institute of Consumer Defense).

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Consumer Protection Commission of OAB / AM, Giordano Boaventura, He said the aim of the action is to oversee the collection of fees for checked baggage and carry information about it to consumers.

"The main duty of the Bar Association is to exercise citizenship, we are always in defense and in favor of the consumer. If today, we find that does not have adequate information to the consumer about these fees charges, it dispatches luggage, but do not know why you are paying that price ", says. "The consumer code asks that has a visible and clear information, a panel showing the values, itemizing each item, size, weight, all. And it has not, the consumer is at the mercy of the company ", full.

The Federal Executive Branch, also expressed in relation to this topic, Legislative Decree (SF) No 89, authored by Senator Humberto Costa reject the collection of checked bags. This project has already been approved, unanimously by the Senate and now before the House of Representatives (PDC 578/2016), which has already received unanimous approval by the Defense Committee of the House Consumer chaired Dep. Rodrigo Martins.

The blitz was conducted by the Consumer Defense Committee of OAB sectional, members of CEDC, Prosecutors and State PROCONs, with the support of civil organizations of consumer protection.

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