Bolsonaro invites General Villas Boas to be a minister, if elected next year

Villas Boas is a former commander of the CMA. The call was made yesterday in the House of Representatives.
06/07/2017 10h37 - Updated 6/07/2017 16h55
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During the hearing in the Committee on Foreign Relations and National Defense of the Chamber of Deputies, the former commander of the Amazon Military Command, which currently holds the position of Army Commander, general Eduardo Villas Boas, He was invited to be Minister of Defense of the Government Jair Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ), If the Member is elected president next year.

The invitation was made after Villas Bias comment at the meeting that for him the issue of drugs and one of the “greatest threats to sovereignty”. The general added saying that the threat is due to the drug trafficking that has to be structured in the country.

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