Car and part of the delegate's house set on fire by lining are criminals

The crime occurred in Guajará city in the early hours of Tuesday (4).
05/07/2017 09h58 - Updated 5/07/2017 15h42
Photo: Personal archive

At dawn on Tuesday (4), two unidentified men also set fire to the car and tried to burn the Amazon civil police commissioner's house, Paulo Gadelha in the municipality of Guajará (a 1.476 kilometers from the capital).

The car's delegate, a pickup L-200 Triton had total loss and part of the lining of the residence also caught fire. Criminals only fail to complete the crime, because Gadelha heard the noise and came out armed, It was when the duo fled the scene.

To enter the residence, the two men climbed over the fence around 4:30 am. I was in the house at the time of the attack, the wife and son of the delegate. Paul should be transferred from the municipality in the coming days, after five years of work in Guajará.

Also according to the delegate, there are two suspicious to the motivation of the incident, the first is an investigation of misuse of public funds against the current city administration, which begin this week and the second is the arrest of a man involved with a criminal gang in the city of Cruzeiro do Sul (AC).

The PC will investigate the crime.

Source: AM POST Writing

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