Young is stabbed by teen 15 years after he had a "vision’

The case happened in the industrial district early on Monday (24).
24/07/2017 11h15 - Updated 24/07/2017 15h07
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Early on Monday (24), the couple Lilian Rodrigues Pinheiro, 34, and John Carlos Souza Soares, from 38 years, He was attacked with a knife in his home by a teenager 15 years, which is neighbor of the victims. The crime occurred around 2:30 am, in the Industrial District neighborhood, South Zone capital.

The woman was wounded with knife blow to the arm and her husband on the shoulder, neck and fingers. The couple was taken to the Hospital and Emergency Room Dr. João Lúcio.

According to the victims, they heard a loud noise and João Carlos came out to check what was going on, at that time they found the teenager with a knife in his hand and he began to strike against stabs John and Lilian to try to stop was also injured.

Lilian reported that the teenager was apparently upset and have never had a problem with the boy, who lives in a kitchenette on top of each couple. She said the teenager told her he saw a figure and so ran and when he stepped in the couple's house roof fell in the kitchen.

The young man was seized and presented at the Specialized Police in Determination of Acts infractional (Deaai).

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