Public Ethics Commission opens investigation into ministers and former ministers

The ministers cited the testimonies and that will be investigated are: Marcos Pereira (Industry and Commerce) and Gilberto Kassab (Science, Technology and Communications), among others.
03/07/2017 17h19 - Updated 3/07/2017 17h41
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The Public Ethics Commission of the Presidency opened investigation proceedings against two ministers and former members of the federal government cited in denunciations of JBS executives. The decision was taken at a special meeting called to discuss the denunciations of Joesley and Wesley Batista, owners group JBS; e do Ricardo Saud, Director of Institutional Relations and Government of J&F (holding da JBS).

The ministers cited the testimonies and that will be investigated are: Marcos Pereira (Industry and Commerce) and Gilberto Kassab (Science, Technology and Communications). They will also be under investigation Antônio Carlos Vieira (vice president of the Federal Savings Bank), Geddel Vieira Lima (former Minister of Government Secretariat), Fernando Pimentel (former Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade and current governor of Minas Gerais) e Guido Mantega (former Minister of Finance).

It is the first time that the commission is manifested on the denunciations of JBS, who had the secrecy removed by the Supreme Court (STF) in May. In winning collaboration agreement signed with the Public Ministry, entrepreneurs presented audio conversation with President Michel Temer. in testimony, whistleblowers report the involvement of the payment scheme authorities of bribery and trading favors to third parties.

According to the chairman of the committee, Mauro Menezes, Ministers may present defenses and provide information within ten calendar days from receipt of the summons crafts.

“The commission, even though it is not expected to make a damning judgment , it also has a role in spreading the values ​​of public ethics, to establish a performance that design, from the cultural point of view, the evolution of public ethics in the country. The commission can not be, inert, others on this profusion of situations that require clarification for the authorities to retain the height of their roles and former officials up to the conservation and public figures in society”, said Menezes.

The Public Ethics Commission is the responsible body, among other duties, to rush, upon termination or craft, occupation authorities ducts positions of executive power, who violate the Code of Conduct of the High Federal Administration. It is not up to the committee to analyze violation of conduct of presidents and vice-presidents of the Republic.

The code states that ministers, executive secretaries, presidents or agencies or authorities of directors must "be guided by ethical standards". The sanctions provided for in the code are warning or dismissal of suggestion, to authorities in office; and ethical censure, for those who have left office.

in a statement, Minister Gilberto Kassab said "always guided its actions on ethics and compliance with laws". Also note by, Minister Marcos Pereira said he will present his defense before the Ethics Committee, "Convinced of his innocence and assured that impartial investigation can establish the truth of the facts".

The lawyer Fernando Pimentel said “receives this information with perplexity”. According to the defense, It has stated several times “mendacity the testimony of forgiven JBS”.

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